Back To Venus Slots

There are not that many 3-D slots around. The ones that are tend to look like crap, and you usually wish they had just paid somebody to draw something pretty. We are happy to report that that is not the case here, however! In this particular slot, you will be greeted to some of the best graphics around, rivaling even Pixar and DreamWorks animation. You will also see many colorful gameplay mechanics that are tied to the BetSoft brand, and a theme that is quite literally out of this world! If you like things that look like the screenshot, you'll love the rest of this game, as it only gets better from there.

Looks to Die For

For starters, we're going to take a little bit of time to gush about just how great the graphics are. Most titles look good, few look great. This game definitively looks great with every single pixel on the screen. Even the background and user interface elements look just as good as anything you would see in a high budget video game or feature film. It's definitely not an indie or cheap look, which is good when you're asking people to put down money here to place spin after spin. It's a sight to behold, and if they were to make this into a feature film, the visuals could be used for verbatim from the game itself.

The animations are a little bit less in terms of quality, but they still hold up pretty good too. They are just enough to make things feel lively, and when you match something, you're giving an authentic sense of enthusiasm from the game in terms of visual feedback. This is not something that most games can manage to pull off all that well. And traditional slot machine games in Vegas, you would simply see some things light up and spin. Here, however, in the realm of online slot machine games, usually you don't get anything at all. You just get told that you won, and maybe something is highlighted. It's pretty drab, and uninspiring. Here, however, things are different. Everything feels like you are activating a movie clip when it happens, and the specular and lights and blooming affects are appreciated. Everything feels vibrant and reassuring, almost as if it is thanking you for being a player.

Fun Theme

The theme itself is also something that we haven't seen anywhere else. We've seen Venus, and aliens, and space in general. We haven't quite seen something like this, however. This kind of takes a little shop of horror's caricature of a Venus fly trap and put it up against cartoon spaceman and meteors with some crop circles thrown in as some general cartoony looking things. They all look great, and go well together. We particularly like the way the meteors shoot and sore, making it feel like they put a lot of time and money into this one.

The asteroids, for example, shoot down onto the reels, and get stuck for a total of two spins. These act as your wild symbols, so you will enjoy whenever they happen to touchdown. For everything else, they also have similarly well done mechanics to make an entrance.

Great Bonuses

There is also a pretty good bonus round call the back to Venus bonus round. This isn't quite as fanciful as some of the other Betsoft bonus rounds that people are used to, but we still think it holds up pretty well. Here, you will be greeted with a higher maximum Betting amounts than most of their other titles will offer, which is their attempt to make up for it.

You can bet in all manner of increments suitable to any budget. If you happen to have a couple of pennies lying around, you can buy a coin. You can get coins in increments up to one dollar as well. Across the 25 lines that you will see across the reels, this makes the maximum about $125. This is middle of the road as far as games go, but because of how fun and well done the game it is, you'll find that you come back to play it just to see what it looks like.

What's on Display

As far as what you can match goes, our descriptions definitely do not do the imagery justice, but we will try. You can see the alien Venus's-flytraps that make the title of the game itself, a barn, a space farmer, a crop circle on the field, a flying saucer abducting a cow, an astronaut that has been taken over, and various suits of playing cards. If we were to have one gripe with the game, it would definitely be these cards. They stand in stark contrast to how lovingly and well done everything else is. They're definitely not horrible, but considering how great everything else is, we are still much hard-pressed to look at them with a smile on our face and quite the same way. We can definitely would've been better off without them, even if they had made use of some of the images used in the background to form part of the symbols here.

This game is for anybody that likes a good cartoon 3-D movie, and things that have to do with the comedy space and parody. They manage to check a lot of overlapping genre boxes too here that we're not used to seeing being done all at once. We enjoy that, making the game feel unique. It clearly took some cues from some other cult classic films, such as Little shop of horror's, but we will not dock that many points for that. They arguably use the theme better here than they did in the original film. Here, it's definitely not intended to be creepy, and comes off as more fun and family friendly. We much prefer that rendition of it, so if one company were to have to give up the copyright, it would definitely not be this one!