Casino Slots

Slots are a thrilling and exciting way to enjoy online casino games. Online casino slots come in a wide variety of types and offer players various things depending on the type of slot. There are download casino slot games and no download casino, to fit the needs of every player. There are casino slots for money or casino slots for free, to fit the budget of every player. If you're new to the online casino world, try out a wide variety of slots at our recommended casinos and figure out which ones you enjoy the most!

Bonus Slots

Those online slot games that come with a thrilling bonus feature are called Bonus. Some slots come with simple bonus rounds which give away free spins or multipliers and other come with more elaborate bonus rounds which include completely separate bonus games. Often the bonus games involve the player to make choices or can require extra playing skills, but they always offer the opportunity to win large amounts of money. The bonus rounds are often triggered by specific symbols showing up on the reels after the players spin.

Single Line Slots

Around for over 100 years, single line slots are among the oldest and most commonly played slots. They are quite appealing because they offer instant winnings and high payouts for small bets. Most single line slots consist of three to five reels and one payline which gives them their single line slot name. Another popular aspect is they are very easy to play and understand. The object of the game is simply to line up specific combos of symbols on the payline to win.

Multi Line Slots

For those who like a little more complication to their slot experience, multi line slots can be the ticket to their satisfaction. Multi line slots have more than one payline and are extremely popular in the slot world. The multiple lines offer multiple chances to win, simultaneously. Some include three reels or five reels and many also offer progressive jackpots which only make the winning potential even greater. Multi line slots also come often with features like multipliers, wilds, scatter symbols and other exciting options.

Fruit Slots

Players who adore the classic and timeless look of the fruit spinning slot machines will find Fruit Slots charming and irreplaceable. Much like the slots of the older days, these old school slots are played much like traditional slots but instead of featuring theme based symbols they feature fruit symbols.

Progressive Slots Tournament Slots

For those who love the opportunity to win enormous prizes, progressive slots tournament slots are ideal choices. Progressive machines in a tournament are linked together by a network and allow many players to access the chance to win the big jackpot at the same time. As people play, the jackpot grows until someone hits it and wins the big prize.