Online Casino Slots

Video Slots Dominate the World of Online Gaming

Today we take online casinos and their video slots for granted. But it's hard to imagine that these ubiquitous games are a relatively recent phenomenon in the world of the slots games. What used to be a manual, clunky machine, lining the rows of a smoky, seedy casino, is today a cutting edge piece of software anyone in the entire world can download in the blink of an eye. To truly appreciate the magnitude of the Video Slots, it's worth exploring the many varieties slots games you can play globally in comparison to the online Video Slot.

Find Yourself Down Under? Check out the Pokies

Australian Slot Machines, also known as Fruit Machine Pokies are the Southern Hemisphere's largest country's answer to the slot machine. These are relatively standard slots games, with usually up to five reels, video screens in place of reels and an interesting range of additional bonus features, including free games and multilevel games. Most significantly, Australian Pokies allow players to choose multiple lines, potentially up to 200 lines as well as multiple ways to win, up to 3125. The Best Pokies Online:

Japanese Slots Require Some Real Skill and Patience

These slots are some of the most intricate, interesting and most importantly, beatable slots running today. Japanese Slots offer a standard 3 reel platform with six different levels of play. Also standard are stop buttons to stop the spinning reels. Although they average low payouts, they offer "Big Bonus" and "Regular Bonus" rounds where you can win continuously as long as the Bonus Round is running. A final interesting twist allows you to save up your winnings until the end, providing for a substantial payout.

3-Reel Slots; How it All Began

3 reel slots were some of the earliest slots invented, all the way back to the late 1800's. Today, 3 reel slots are some of the easiest to master and yet fastest paced slots out there. They can also be knows as Fruit Machines or AWP. Generally, 3 reel slots have only one payline, but what they lack in seemingly superficial winning options, they can more than make up for in excitement and extra features. The Best 3-Reel Slots:

5 Reels Video Slot Machines take it to the Next Level

With the addition of only 2 reels, the 5 reel video slot took gaming to the next level and beyond. There are now multiple paylines and multiple ways to win. The video element can literally create a whole new world and story line surrounding the slot, where Free Spins and Bonus Rounds just take you deeper and deeper into the game. The Best 5 Reels Video Slot Machines:

Remember, You're Not Alone out There

And if you ever forget that, you have the progressive slots out there to remind you. When you play progressives of any type, a little portion of our every bet goes towards the general kitty for the game that anyone can ultimately win a piece of. At any point, you can spin the right combination and take home a portion of the progressive that has been progressively growing with every bet across all players. These jackpots can grow exceedingly big over time and are a very strong incentive to check out these exciting slots.

i-Slots Put You at the Helm

By relinquishing creative control over so much of the story line to you, you immediately become intimately connected with the game, the characters and your chances of hitting the big win. Rival Gaming has created a whole series of stories designed to keep you delving deeper and deeper into the stories as you spin through new and intriguing bonus rounds. The Best i-Slots Online:

The Best Online Slots Casinos are Just Around the Corner

And they are as easy to find as click-click-click. Nowadays, you can find any combination of slots you could possibly imagine, from the simple 3-reels to the cutting edge i-Slots and everything in between. The variety of online slots is as rich as there are countries in the world and they are all open for your business.