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Halloween that time of the year when everyone gets excited about trick or treating, dressing up and playing along with the kids for a fun holiday time. We are just as passionate about this time of the year, and we also recommend that you can enjoy Halloween themed slots any time of the year. Here are a list of our favorite Halloween Slots games, to get you in the mood for the holiday festivities, added to that a chance to win one of the jackpots, it couldn't get better than this. Happy Halloween to all our friendly players!

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cat casino halloween Why do we celebrate Halloween? The origins of Halloween stem from the ancient Celts, and a Celtic festival called Samhain. So, it has an Irish history, and the date marks an important date in their medieval calendar. October 31st marked the final day of the old year, and November 1st was the beginning of the new. This is a long way from Michael Myers Halloween movies! However, the meaning of Halloween also relates to the idea that the veil between this world and the Otherworld becomes thinner, perhaps allowing unsavory characters to slip through… But if you play some frightening online slots this Halloween, you won't need to visit a Halloween costume store to learn more about the history of this event. Look out for bonuses and free spins in the best Halloween-themed slots right here.

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For some people, Halloween means watching Michael Myers movies back to back. For others, it means dressing up for a NYC Halloween parade. I tend to head for costume shops near me to find a cute pumpkin costume (though that means I can't get through the front door!). but you don't need to leave home to enjoy Hallowen. We've got a spicy mix of horror-themed online slots right here for you. If you have the nerve to play some, you never know what might be around the next corner…