Fantasy Slots

Everyone has some kind of fantasy or dream in their life that they think about or have lived or want to live. Whether it is a scary monster style fantasy or a romantic dream or a flight on a magic carpet. Whatever your fantasy is, you can live it through one of the amazing slots games which offers a step into the world of make believe or fantasy where it may seem realistic but in real life you know deep down that it can never be.

The Most Exciting and Rewarding Slots are Fantasy Slots

Some of the best fantasy themed slots are the most exciting and rewarding when it comes to playing the slots games. Take Witches and Wizards which is a top video slot with 5 reels and 25 paylines. Not only do you have witches and wizards on your screen but there are also cauldrons and wands which help you win more money and enjoy the game even more. The cauldron in this 5 reel video slots game is the wild symbol and can take the place of all of the other symbols apart from the scatter to make a winning line. The impressive wizard is the scatter symbol and not only does he pay out multiple wins but he is also the key to free spins where you can win 10 free spins with a triple multiplier.

Different Styles of Fantasy Slots

Fantasy comes in all shapes and sizes and Vampire Vixen slot slots is more of a sophisticated slots game with its haunted houses blood and free spins. Jester Jackpots is a fun fantasy slots game as the jesters jump around the screen together with all sorts of court entertainment. One of the favorite fantasy slots for many players has to be Magic Carpet where the princess is swept away on a magic carpet by her Arabian prince and the player has the chance of 15 magical wishes which in actual fact are free spins with bonus opportunities. There are so many different themes and styles of fantasy slots that it is hard to define what a real fantasy slot is. But one thing is sure, a fantasy slot is one where you can live a dream or in some cases a nightmare where you have characters and symbols that you know can never really be but yet you can still enjoy every minute of the slots game and hopefully make some money out of it at the same time.