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What Are Casino Bonuses?

Virtually every casino you ever go into or find on the internet will have “sign-up bonus” for first-time players. These come in many forms and are not restricted to sign-ups as many players return and make more “deposits” to the casino’s revenue stream. These are a form of marketing that may incur a cost to the player in the long-term as the casino is essentially giving away money in return for a commitment from the player to wager a certain minimum amount. Since all casino games contain a house “edge”, the wager requirement prevents the player from simply walking off with a pile of money with no return to the casino.
In addition, casinos can restrict certain games from the terms of the wager agreement. This is done to prevent player from playing games that the casinos draw less money from and also to curb “risk-free” play. An example of this would be betting on both red and black to meet the wager requirement but also creating a guaranteed positive outcome when the bonus is taken into account.

How Casinos Work To Make YOU More Money

There are many forms of bonus, indeed far too many to list accurately here. Researching your casino of choice beforehand to see what you would be interested in is a good idea(look before you leap, eh?). Some come in the form of Non-cashable bonuses. These usually come in one of two ways: ‘sticky’ or ‘phantom’. In both cases, the bonus is attached to the player’s balance yet cannot be cashed out. The difference is made up at payout time. The ‘phantom’ disappears at payout while the ‘sticky’ remains attached to the player’s account until it is gambled away.

They can also come in the form of comp points. Anyone who’s ever spent some time in a casino knows about comping. When you make some big money, often the pit boss or floor boss will offer to comp the player a room for the night, free meals, and other luxuries afforded to regulars and ‘high-rollers’. This is done as a method for creating a situation where the comped player feels the urge to spend his winnings at the casino, thereby giving the money back. Comp points in online casinos and real-world casinos alike can also be accrued to be returned for cash, prizes, and other comp items. These points can be accrued usually as a percentage of the cash wagered per play.

Being Awesome Through Bonuses

There are a great many players who research their favorite gaming institutions. This creates a situation known as bonus hunting(alternatively known as bonus bagging, bonus whoring, or advantage gambling) where it becomes mathematically feasible to turn a serious profit from a casino. An example of this would be playing blackjack after receiving a $100 sign-up bonus. The typical house-edge on blackjack is 0.5%. If you wager $5000 at this level, you wind up with a loss of $25 BUT the sign-up bonus gives you $75 dollars of guaranteed return in the end.
While this is fine and good, some casinos label winners using bonuses as “bonus abusers”. Examples of both these issues would be a players creating multiple accounts to acquire multiple bonuses and a casino changing the terms of a bonus AFTER a player completes his wager requirements and then forces the player to adhere to the new terms.

Bonuses Happen. Get Used To it.

Since virtually every casino you ever run across will offer you a bonus, it behooves the player to do their research before making any commitments. Bonuses seem like a lot of fun at first but one has to remember that a casino’s ultimate goal is the same as the gamers; make money fast. Take your time, read the fine print (use a magnifying glass), and have a good time. In the end, you will have to deal with bonuses and, if luck is going your way, you might even have a good time with it.

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Wheel Of Chance
Maxwager : $10, Min wager : $0.01, Paylines : 20, Bonus game, Scatter symbol, Free spins, Wild Symbol
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Max wager: $200, Minwager: $0.01, Paylines: 20, Bonus game, Scatter symbol, Free spins, Wild Symbol
Bangkok Nights
Max wager: $250, Minwager: $0.01, Paylines: 25, Bonus game, Scatter symbol, Free spins, Wild Symbol