Slots Bonuses

All leading online casinos offer slots games with bonuses. There are many types and styles of bonuses that range from a sign up bonus just for slots when you join the casino to slots games with bonuses that are offered for achieving certain configurations. The slots bonuses are a way of not only enticing players to join that game but also of rewarding players for playing particular games.

The Welcome Bonus for Slots

The broadest type of slot bonus that you can get is one which is paid out when you first join a casino. It is called a sign up bonus and is usually in the form of extra money paid to you when you deposit your first deposit. It is always good to maximize your first deposit so that you can get the maximum bonus rewards too. At some casinos not only do you receive a generous sign up bonus but you also receive further bonuses on subsequent deposits. This type of bonus is the most broad that you will ever find at online casinos and covers a number of slots games.

Bonuses that Are in the Slot Games

The more common slots bonuses that you can find are those that are part of particular slot games. These can be 3 reel slots, 5 reel slots and progressive slots. These types of bonuses are part of the overall game play and will be offered for landing certain symbols on a screen or choosing certain symbols. Often these bonuses are with the help of special symbols known as wilds and scatters which are predetermined and should be looked out for.

Wilds and Scatters Lead to Bonus Wins

A wild symbol in a 5 reel video slots game is a bonus in itself as it can take the place of other symbols in an active payline to complete the payline and in some cases it can even double the winnings for that payline. There are some slots games where the wild symbol will expand and cover all of the reel giving you more potential winning chances. The scatter acts as a bonus in itself also as when it appears more than once on your screen it offers multipliers for the bet placed. In addition the scatter can often be the key symbol to an off screen bonus game or free spins.

Free Spins and Off Screen Bonuses

Free spins are awarded in both 3 reel slots and 5 reels slots based on the last bet that was made. Often during free spins you will also receive a multiplying factor which will increase your winnings by 2 fold or more. Some slots games allow free spins to be retriggered when the triggering configuration lands on your screen giving you even more chances to win.

Bonus games can be activated in a number of ways. When playing three reel slots it is often as a result of lighting up certain extra symbols which appear on the reels or working your way around a trail. In 5 reel slots the bonus games can be activated in a number of ways which depend on the game and symbols in the game. Once you have activated the off screen bonus game you are taken to a new screen where you will have to play a game of some sort. These bonus games can be a pick and win, or choosing a character that will then have to compete in something to win or a multi level bonus game where you have to work your way up a system to win as much as possible and if you hit the wrong item then the bonus game ends and you are taken back to the main screen. There are many variations on the bonus games that can take place off screen and these make the whole slots even more exciting.

Gamble Bonuses to Increase Your Winnings

All of these bonus style options are also available in progressive games too. The only difference being that when a certain configuration is achieved you win the big jackpot or in the case of random progressive jackpot games, you can also win the jackpot totally at random at the end of any spin. Another great additional bonus which is offered by many of the Microgaming slots games is the gamble feature. This is offered at the end of every win where you have the chance to increase your winnings for that spin by 2-fold or 4-fold. The gamble feature also takes place off screen and you are presented with two cards, one face up and one face down. You place a bet on the color or suit of the card to be turned over and can therefore increase your winnings, but if you lose you lose all of the winnings for that spin.

Bonus slots are the most exciting way to play slots as they offer much more in terms of entertainment and also in terms of potential to win. Not only do you have the chance to play the regular slot game but there are extra possibilities all along the way making it an exciting and rewarding game to play.