Magic Carpet Slots

Welcome to Magic Slots. Ride the Magic Carpet all the way to your bank. It's simple, just listen for the music and click "Ride Now." Look for the obstacles such as flying torpedoes and elevated noises. The noises will signal the arrival of the torpedoes. You will see colorful graphics of torpedo shells and the excitement begins. It's easy to use, because only one control button is at your disposal.

The strategy is effectively simple: when the music escalates and graphically inspired doors emerge on the screen, look out for torpedoes. You may lower or increase your bet because something is about to can sense it and almost feel it. At this point, lowering or increasing your bet will cause you to move rapidly from the torpedoes line of fire, or directly into it....the music is the key.

Each torpedo that miss you, will give you points which you can cash in for money. After earning 100 points, you may cash in or go for the real money in round two and double or triple your points, because an earned 100 points advance you, automatically, to the bonus round.

Slots game has twenty pay lines. Decide how many pay lines you want to play. It the torpedo misses you, you've earned money. If it hits you, your loss is limited to the amount of coins you've played. In the bonus round, the torpedoes move faster, but the music and graphics increase to alert you. At this point, increase or lower your bet. When the torpedo miss you on an increased bet, you are into the money. You are in control!

The Bonus Round

When 15 consecutive torpedoes have missed you, you automatically, advance to the bonus round, where bonus dollars are waiting for you--play them and get into the real money. You have now become a candidate for Torpedo King in Slot Games. The payout to you for torpedoes that has consecutively missed has doubled and tripled your minimum bet of $1.00 or maximum bet of $100.00

It's that simple. Join our winners.

Where to Play

You can play Magic Carpet Slots at Liberty Slots Casino. Torpedo King --that's you-- starts with a sign up bonus of $100. That's $100 for you to play around with. Now, you can really rake in the dough. You're starting off in the black. Try the 100% sign on bonus where you can win crazy money by using other people's money--the OPM principle. Employ that principle now, while the promotion last.

We'll see you at the winner's ball.