Liberty Slots Player has incredible win of $60,000!

Recently in over two days a player won a massive $60,000.

51 year old Elizabeth C, had a $12,000 on the Saturday and a further $48,000 on the Sunday playing slots. The wins were definitely gold on her favorite slots game, Triple Triple Gold. Elizabeth C says that she enjoys Roulette but has a fondness for slots games particularly the 3 reel classics - some of her favorites are Cash Grab, Crazy Cherry, Liberty 7 and top of the list is the Triple Triple Gold.

She explained why she likes the Triple Triple Gold slots game, and that over the years she has had some very satisfying 'pay days' thanks to the wild symbol in the game. She said she also plays on the featured games and she was luckier than usual over that weekend when Triple Triple Gold paid off.

She told her partner first, who is her best friend, and then told her children. Elizabeth said that she has recently had some surgery and this money will come in handy to pay the Dr's bills, she also said there will be enough over to put a down payment on a new car, and maybe some over for a jet-ski. The Liberty Slots President's Day Slots Tournament finishes today 28th February. The top scorers will win $15,000 in prize money on Beat the Bank Slots Game.

Liberty Slots has over 100 slots games to choose from all powered by Wagner Gaming technology. With March coming up Liberty Slots Casino is sure to have some new and exciting promotions for the month, we will keep you informed.