Liberty Slots Winner Says When You're Hot, You're Hot

A lucky Liberty Slots Winner who had a very nice winning streak had some advice for those for wannabe slots champions, she said you must trust your gut feelings and if you feel lucky to just go for it.

Katherine H, on a recent Friday night playing on Liberty Slots mostly playing on a few old favorites such as Wheel of Chance and Funky Chicken and on a newer slots Caribbean Gold. But her lucky streak led her to the popular Fat Cat slots and she won a jackpot of almost $20,000.

Katherine H, recalls that night when she has a pretty good run, saying that all the games seemed to be paying out. He account had about $5,000 and she upped her bet to $80 a spin. She continued that that was at the top end of her comfort zone, but figured that as she was feeling lucky to just go for it.

It about 1:00 am when playing on Fat Cat Slots she hit the Jackpot with a $18,800 payout.

She said that was a great treat and that when you're feel you're hot, you're hot and should go all out for it. after hitting the she played for a while longer and had a couple more wins. This was defiantly a good Friday night for her.

At Liberty Slots the Fat cat slots game is available on download, instant play and mobile casino, this is a 20 line slot with a max bet of $200 per spin. The theme of the games is Fat Cat and his feline girlfriend, Kitty Cat, love money and everything it can buy, which means the game is loaded with everyone's favorite bling.

Mark Ramirz the Casino Manager said that they were thrilled that Katherine had fun winning this money and repeated it just shows when you're hot, you're hot!"

To celebrate this win Liberty is spreading the good fortune to other players giving everyone who deposits 20 free spins to play on Fat Cat slot. Players can use the code FC164, this offer is valid until the 30th April 2016.