Ultimate 10X Slot at Miami Club Casino

As they say, “Don’t mess with Texas!”. And this lucky player from Texas didn’t even need to go to Miami beach to enjoy his day in the sun, all he need to was play at the popular Miami Club Casino. Gerry M from Dallas was the latest big winner on May 3rd last month when he scored a big jackpot on the 10X Wild three reel slots game. What makes this win even sweeter is that he just opened up his account at the popular Miami Club Casino and had just played a few times and really enjoyed himself. Next thing he knows he was on the Wager Gaming Technology slots, which he prefers to play on that casino software, and mainly because that game has a random progressive jackpot. Which means he knows that to you have to go for the big jackpots if you want to get the most out of the casino!

It was a regular day in early May, as he logged into his account and started to look for some games to play. He liked the classic 3 reels as they remind him of when he played at the land based casinos. So, after about 20 minutes of playing Mega-Money, Gerry decided he would try out the 10X three reels as the WGS Wild X series of slots are gaining in popularity for obvious reasons. Knowing that he would have to play the max bet to win the random progressive jackpot, he decided that would have to be his strategy if he wanted to win something big. So away he went, betting the max $5 coin and three credits ($15 total), Gerry placed a total of 40 bets and had a few wins, but nothing to write home about. Then, on his 41st spin everything changed and with just under $400 in his account, Gerry received a single '$' symbol alongside two '10X WILD' symbols - a result that multiplied his 45X win by 100. This meant to his astonishment that his $225 win was suddenly turning into a $22,500 windfall! And the best part is that he did it all from the comfort of his own home.

It gets even better as during the Ultimate 10x Wild game, once he won the jackpot, it offered him to play the gamble feature, which means he can double his initial win if he so chooses too. How it works is that the winning player can spin a wheel to see if he will be able to double his bet or lose it all. Could you imagine having $22,500 on the line and then deciding to go for it? Well, looks like the brave Texan decided he was going to go for it. He hit the Gamble button and waited in anticipation. Then, unbelievably, lady luck was on his side and he won the gamble feature which then doubled his winnings to and amazing $45,000!

What did the staff at Miami Club Casino think when they found out he won not only the jackpot, but then daringly went for the double or nothing gamble feature? “It takes some nerve to stake that kind of wager on a double or nothing, we don't see that very often” commented Linda Hernandez, manager of Miami Club. “That's the type of moment where you wish there was a way to have everyone stand around and collectively hold their breath...then cheer when the result is positive!” It would have been like being in a land based casino with the crowds gathering and cheering, hugging and all that joy. Odds say that most people would have taken the $22,500 and called it a lucky day. But not a brave Texan like Gerry M, he somehow felt he had to hit that Gamble button and it turned out to be the right decision. Or as Gerry tells his story he seemed quite relaxed when speaking about his courageous gamble: "Sure there were a few seconds when time kind of stopped, waiting for the wheel to stop spinning. I knew there was a lot on the line but the way I look at it, it's not my money, it's the house money. If it works, it works, and I've had a good day. If it doesn't I just don't tell anyone! Fortunately, this was my day! I'll take out some and keep playing, this place has been good for me so far!" As you can see this Texan was looking at it like he had nothing to lose since it was the house’s money and if he lost it, no big deal. Turns out that he made the right decision, showing no fear and pressing on...literally! Not only that, but he’s going to keep playing he enjoys it so much at the Miami Club Casino. Like a lot of people, who are members at the Miami Club Casino, they enjoy it so much, that they simply don’t want to leave even after they’ve had a massive windfall.

There lots of slots players who prefer to play in the tournaments and win some big prizes, and that’s why Miami Club is well-known around the world for its frequent slots tournaments and the size of the prizes to be won. And people can play from anywhere, as all the games offered by the Miami Club casino can be played on an iOS, Android and Windows mobile devices as well as desktop or laptop computers. You can choose to download the software onto their computers or they can select the instant play feature. If they have an iPhone, iPad, Tablet, Samsung smartphone or even a Blackberry, they can go ahead, set up an account, register, make a deposit and collect their generous welcome bonus right from their mobile devices. They still get all the great games, features, bonus rounds, game play and jackpots. And not only that, but until May 31st players can claim 25 free spins on the City of Gold slot game by using coupon code MAYDAY when they deposit.

Miami Club Casino has always got lots of great promotions going on all the time, and players can take advantage of everything that they have to offer. The promotions are updated frequently, so players will have to keep coming back to the site and see what the latest promotions are in this increasingly popular online casino. You never know, you could be the next player to hit the random progressive jackpot and then decide if you want to go for the Gamble feature. Time would stop for a few seconds as it always does when that much money is on the line, but wouldn’t it be great to end up a big winner like our friend from Texas!