US Soldier in Kuwait Wins 541K on Super 6 Slot Game

Goes to show that when you’re working thousands of miles from home, you can find more than one way to make money on your time off...and lots of it! Serving in the Army in Kuwait, soldier Michael M. has had some downtime and so he thought he would play slots hoping that he it would pay off...and he was right. Goes to show that consistency can pay off, even when you’re playing slots. Michael was playing the Real Time Gamings Asian themed slots machine called Super 6 at the Jackpot Capital Casino when he hit an incredible winning streak that will most likely change his life forever. And he won all that money over one weekend. How’s that for a lucky streak?

The company staff were happy for him and this is what they had to say: “Michael’s been playing with us for a while now,” said Jackpot Capital manager Oliver Smith. “It’s great to see one of our regulars have such a run of good luck!” This is how it all came down: On one spin, Michael hit six Scroll symbols with a 10X multiplier to win $180,000. On another 10X spin he got six Fans and won $116,475. He later hit six Scrolls with a 4X multiplier and won another $48,000, and then six Fireworks symbols with a 10X multiplier that paid $12,000. By the time the weekend was over he’d won $541,090!

Can you imagine how this soldier must feel and how fast he wants to get back to his home in the US so he can spend it. And yes, Michael is excited to start spending his payout, saying, “The first thing I’m going to buy when I get home is an Indian bike and it is going to be decked. I also plan on booking a cruise. And I’d like to see some castles in Ireland”. Obviously, this man already has the luck of the Irish in his blood and will most likely get some more when he visits the country of Ireland. This will be a one great European trip, especially when the casino winnings pay for it all.

But like we said, it sometime takes consistency to finally hit that big jackpot. Remember, while some may think this is a story of beginner’s luck, in Michael’s case, it is certainly not this time at least. Like he says, “I’ve been playing slots for a long time. This was well overdue! My beginner’s luck was after my last deployment, in May 2013. I won a million credits when I’d only played a penny”, said Michael. Sometimes, things are just too good to be true and this was the case when Michael at first wondered if his luck was too good to be true, saying, “I didn’t react too much right away. I was with a colleague. I went outside and smoked a cigarette. I went back in and checked the computer to see my winnings and then I called my wife and sent her a screenshot.” Next thing you know, he’s planning exactly what he’s going to do with all that money.

The slots machine that did it all for Michael was the Super 6, a traditional Asian-themed game from Real Time Gaming. In this game there are six reels and the theme is all of the riches that China has to offer. There are some great added features that include grouped wilds, Scatters that trigger free spins, Mega Grouped Wilds, and multipliers. The game offers mega grouped wilds that stack multipliers, which gives players the opportunity to win huge prizes and as you can see this game delivered in Michael’s case.

Super 6 Slots

Part of the Asian themed slots put out by RTG with six reels, this game is a player pleaser. The Super 6 brings its own unique spin from other Asian slots out there, providing beautifully enhanced graphics and sounds to exhilarating bonus rounds and features that are hard to beat. Looks like having six reels on your side instead of the traditional 5 really does pay off. Six reels means even more opportunities to hit it big and with the Super 6 features, and in the case of our soldier in Kuwait, winning is almost guaranteed. What makes this game so unique is that it combines with Any Ways Pay Feature, and Super 6 also offers several Scatter triggers when you reveal letters from the phrase SUPER6 on 4 or more reels left to right or right to left. This game format, gives players the possibility to win up to 25 free games. But as you can see, it’s all those multipliers that make a difference when it’s time to win the big prizes. Play Now!