Lucky Player on Café Casino Won Big on Let 'Em Ride Table Game

Jason M, from WI won a massive $1.5 million win on the very popular Let 'Em Ride table game. His lucky win was a hand that is fit for a king. He became an instant millionaire with a bet of $500 on the Anti then he raised both streets landing a magnificent Royal Flush hand wining a 1000:1 for each bet, which totalled a whopping $1,501,500!

Casino Manager of Cafe Casino, George Mallory, said that it was the life-changing moments like these that make what we do worthwhile. He continued that they were very happy that they had a hand in creating yet another millionaire. He wished Jason all the best, and that the casino would continue more opportunities like this one for all their loyal players.

Let ‘Em Ride having a massive payout under its belt, plus excising features and effects, the game has become exceptionally popular. This game is one of the many popular games on offer to their players. New players that sign-up can collect up to $5,000 in welcome bonuses to be able to play on a variety of slot and table games.