Microgaming’s Mega Moolah Mobile Slot Does It Again

January was lucky for some at the slots table because Microgaming's, Guinness World Record holding, Mega Moolah Slot paid out €6,078,249.33!

After hearing about a lucky UK casino player who racked up a winning streak of £489,602 when playing roulette at the Royal Panda casino, There is now the first slot millionaires of 2017.

On Monday 16th January, 2017, that 'N.C.' (the winner wishes to remain anonymous) spent time spinning on the African Safari themed slot game that is full of wild animals as well as four possible jackpot prizes.

0.50 per spin was all it took…

It took just 0.50 per spin was what it took for him to enter the mesmerising bonus wheel where players get a chance to win the instant cash prizes or to progress through three of the inner circles to win one of the four progressive jackpots.

Each jackpot is bigger than the next and range from a few hundred to thousands and ultimately to the huge Mega jackpot where the win is the biggest of them all making a player millionaire.

As 'N.C' is a novice slots player, it's no wonder he was cautious and only played 0.50 per spin, that's just a bit higher than the game's minimum bet of 0.25 and quite a lot less than the maximum of 6.25 per spin.

What makes this big 6 million jackpot slot win more impressive was he was playing on his mobile device.

Mega Moolah Mobile Slot Hits It Big

The casino assures players that it does not matter if they use online slots or mobile, players have the same chance of winning. The Guinness World Record on the largest ever mobile jackpot win happened back in August 2016, D.P. hit over €7,968,311.

The €6.35 million win is close however it does not take the title, however, we're sure that N.C. doesn't mind.

Games Publisher, David Reynolds, at Microgaming said it was a great way to begin 2017, a win of €6 million is mind blowing! He continued that Mega Moolah continues to make headlines by delivering frequent life-changing pay-outs. Mr Reynolds sends congratulations to Captain Cooks Casino N.C.'s win.

Is Mega Moolah Worth Playing?

Asking any slots players that has hit it big and they would 'Hell Yes'.

The game itself has five reels with twenty five betting paylines, the theme of the game is a safari themed slot, on the reels are giraffes, gazelles, zebras, and lions with the familiar A - 10 card icons.

The game gives free spins with 3x multipliers and 4 random jackpots that quickly rack up the jackpot prize, in just two days after N.C won the 6 million euro it had already climbed up to over 3.5 million and counting.

The game play is simple, and the bonus wheel guarantees some kind of reward, it is a very entertaining game.