Winner at the Miami Club Casino

Historically, Friday the 13th is always known for bad luck, but for Catherine S. from sunny Arizona it will always be known as her lucky day thanks to a video slots random progressive jackpot. She just opened up an account at Miami Club casino the day before on April 12th, just wanting to try here luck and see what happens. Well, it didn’t take her too long, next day in fact, to win an incredible jackpot for just over $18,162. She had been playing for just a few hours and was thinking that would stop playing soon, when she decided to play a couple more spins. And that turned out to be a wise decision, because the next spin, she won the progressive jackpot.

Her amazing experience at Miami Club Casino all started when she decided to open up an account, then claimed her 100% match bonus and happily continued to look at some of the games she wanted to play. It was the next day, she decided to play the Ultimate 10X Wild video slots game with the progressive jackpot. She purchases just $35 worth of credits and she started to play. After about an hour of keeping those reels spinning, she hit the jackpot. This is how it all came down in on that fateful day. She came in to the casino, it was all still new to her since she just signed up the day before. Then she saw the Miami Club's Friday bonus offer where she could get 25 free spins plus 150% bonus on a purchase of credits. Once Catherine saw that great offer she thought she'd give it lady luck another chance. She then decided to put in a few more dollars and the proceeded to fire up her favored progressive jackpot slot games. As she watched the game load in anticipation, and she let her first spin go. And lo and behold the winning bells and whistles went off on her very first spin and just betting $0.75. It was then, when Catherine realized she had just triggered the progressive jackpot and was a winner. She was in disbelief.

Everybody at Miami Club Casino was excited for Catherine and were celebrating. “We're delighted for Catherine, this is the sort of story we have to share,” said Linda Hernandez, casino manager at Miami Club. “The date, the single spin win, the massive jackpot from such a tiny bet it makes you believe in fate!” Once they contacted Catherine, she was so happy to have won all the money after being a member of the casino for just 24 hours. “Progressive jackpot slots are like buying lottery tickets for me,” said Catherine. “I don't bet a lot, not big amounts. But with these games, someone has to win and I'm happy to be the proof! I'm still amazed it happened on the first spin on the game. I had to double check to make sure I wasn't seeing things! I've also decided that Friday 13th is my lucky day!” And so it turns out that she really wasn’t seeing things and she really was a winner. Goes to show you never know what will happen when you play those random progressive jackpots.

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