Types of Slots

What types of slots appeal to you the most?

You only need to look round a few online casinos to see that there are lots of different types of slots games available today.

For instance you've got three, five and even seven reel slots games. There is also any number of paylines to bet on with these slots. No matter what kind of games you like to play you should be able to find something suitable in the mix of slots online today.

Think about how many reels you like to play

Three reels is the basic level of slots you can find online today. But there are also plenty of five reel games with lots of paylines built in as well.

And if you really like to play something more complex, why not try the seven reel games? These are not as common but there have been some good contributions in this area.

Do you like themed slots with lots of bonus games and rounds?

If you do there are plenty of them around! If you visit any online casino you will find a wealth of games that have built in bonus rounds and extras to enjoy.

These rounds generally give you the chance to win more cash and maybe some free spins as well. It all depends on the game and how the creators have set it up. Some of the bonus games have amazing graphics and lots for you to look forward to.

A great example is the Freaky Wild West slots game at Bovada. This has no fewer than three bonus games to play.

Do you prefer the classic one armed bandit fruit machine slots?

You will find lots of these online as well, each one slightly different from the rest. There is no need to play the modern and advanced slots games with all the paylines if you don't want to.

Keep things simple with one payline and three symbols to try and line up at a time.

How about something more modern?

For every basic one armed bandit game online today, there are plenty of other games that are more advanced.

Why not try Tomb Raider slots for example, or other slots games based on very modern themes? Even if you don't normally play these games you might enjoy playing something a bit different for a change.

Don't just play your favorites - play everything you can!