Tomb Raider Slots

Microgaming has produced some outstanding casino games over the years, and the Tomb Raider slot is no exception. If you want to download and play a game that is a real challenge and packs in plenty of enjoyment, this could be the one for you.

Like some other games online today it focuses on a central character - in this case a fictional one called Lara Croft. Unlike Dennis Rodman slots, which focus on a real life person, this one packs a punch and uses a game character to build itself around.

How many reels and paylines does it have?

This game has five reels and a total of fifteen paylines, so it has fewer paylines than some other games but it doesn't lack any playing ability for that. You can wager up to five coins per line as well, giving you a maximum bet of seventy five coins if you want to go that high.

What special symbols are in play?

As you might expect the biggest payout is reserved for the Tomb Raider logo when it appears in all the right positions on the reels.

You will see an idol symbol as well and you can also watch out for Lara Croft herself, as she will appear and give you the chance to win some free spins. The idol is able to give you a tomb bonus if you get enough of them in the right places on the reels.

You've also got the standard king, queen, ace and jack to watch out for which can win you smaller prizes on the reels.

Are there any other benefits to this game?

One main benefit is that it is among the iPhone slot games that are available. If you are fed up with playing candy slot games on your iPhone, this could give you just the kind of punch you are looking for!

Does the game have a good jackpot?

Yes it does - the biggest one of them all is a whopping 7,500 coins. If you multiply this by the value of the coins you have played you can see that the game can pay out big.

Is Tomb Raider worth playing?

Definitely! Whether you are a fan of the Lara Croft character or not, there is no denying that this game is an outstanding contribution to the market by Microgaming. Why not try it out now?