Dennis Rodman Slots

The next slot game I would review on is the Dennis Rodman slot game. Dennis Rodman slot game owns 5 reels and a 20 payline. The range that can be used as the deposit by players can begin from $0.01 up to $200 per spin. The Dennis Rodman slot game can actually represent the game of basketball when hoop shooting is involved. The only difference of playing basketball on a slot machine is you earn yourself what we call, winnings or money!

Unhappily, the sport slot adventure with Dennis Rodman Slots can't be experienced any more - this game is not available now. But all sport theme admirers will be glad to find our Best Sport Slots in the list below and keep playing!

Dennis Rodman Slots Bonus game

The bonus game concept is actually a very simple one which is shooting the balls perfectly and in turn, you earn yourself some money that would keep you going. On the reel 2 and 4 when the basketball actually stands out, this is when the bonus game takes action on the winning payline. Multiple baskets will appear and you get the choice to choose during the bonus game. Once you had made your decision, just click one basket and Dennis will take action which is shooting the ball and in turn, score for victory! It is a total of 3 shots and if you are lucky enough, your prize money would eventually be perfect as well. In turn, there are also free spins together with the bonus game. When 3 or more scatter symbols which is the sports car icon actually appears on screen, you will eventually on the spot win yourself 15 free spins.

The wild symbol is Dennis himself wearing a wedding dress. A guy caught in a ladies attire would be considered wild enough to be labeled a symbol! The wild symbol itself actually is a substitution for all types of symbols except the basketball as well as the sport car. Now, this is the cherry on top as the last presentation of the cake! With wild symbols, you can create a winning payline and when you succeed in creating that winning payline, your prize money is actually doubled up which of course increase your chances of winning as well!

Where to play Dennis Rodman Slots

The software used for Dennis Rodman slot is Odds On software on the June 24, 2008 which is considered a new and one of the latest slot games online. It does not matter you are from the United Kingdom or the United States of America. Wherever you are from, you are still entitled in playing this slot game at anytime and anywhere! Apart from Dennis Rodman Slot game online, there is also the Fat Cat Slot game that could be well known for just entertainment and also as a past time as well. Where there is a sign of meow, there is definitely a cat somewhere out there just waiting for some mice or rats to indulge with. That is when Fat Cat Slot comes into the concept. We would love to indulge in the world of winning and wealth. However, not everything should be taken to the extra mile. Moderation would be the best choice but the only reason people or players take their chances at slot games is not only to challenge their own self to win but also to win money in return.