Flash Slots

Adobe Flash (formerly known as Macromedia Flash) is a multimedia platform that is used to animate and to add interactivity to web pages. So when you log onto your favorite shopping site, and they have need little animations going to demonstrate products, that is thanks to Flash. The best part from the perspective of online gamers is that Flash allows fully interactive and fully animated games to be played when visiting a website! No download except Flash is necessary. And since Flash is one of the fundamentals of most computers, this means that players can play on just about any computer they want, whether it is during a few free minutes at work or a friend's computer. Additionally, if your home computer does not have any additional memory, Flash games can be played with all the bells and whistles and not take up any of the host computer's memory.

Finding Flash Games

Flash games are hosted either by traditional casinos that offer "no-download" options, or by dedicated Flash casinos. When Flash games first started to appear a few years ago, the no-download option was somewhat limited - the games were simple compared to the full download versions, and there were fairly few offered. Today players will find that the games are indistinguishable from the downloaded versions, and most casinos offer all or nearly all of their games in Flash form too. Here are a few of our favorite Flash slots:

  1. Agent Cash - This new spy-themed game is one of our very favorite of the bonus style slot games. The graphics are robust and rich, the side games are fun, and the over-all design is truly spectacular. Every aspect of this game is original and fantastic from the rich and creative sound design to the main play to the spy-theme side game. Do not miss Agent Cash!
  2. Cleopatra's Pyramid- This has been an uber-popular game since its advent, and for excellent reason! This is a great looking and great playing game set in a fanciful version of ancient Egypt. Pyramids and Egyptian symbols serve as the symbols in a game that can make you feel as rich as the Pharaohs! Play Cleopatra's Pyramid now!
  3. Big Time Slots - This is gangsta rap themed bonus slot from Vegas Tech. The images are drawn more from the tabloids than anywhere else, with handcuffs, bling and willing women. The bonus round will get the bucks flowing in a Big Time way!
  4. Cash Caboose Slots - This is a fun game is filled with cartoon imagery of locomotives, train robbers and the Cash Caboose itself! This is a terrific game that is completely entrancing and will keep players going for hours on end. Enjoy Cash Caboose slots!
  5. Grail Maiden - This simple five-reeler may be the best looking game in the online casino world! The design is that of a mediaeval castle and the reels are animated, back-lit stained-glass windows. The whole thing looks fantastic. If you want to show off your HD monitor to your friends, lower the lights and pull this game up! It is impressive. Play Grail Maiden instantly!