Best slot machines to play at the casino

Liberty Slots Casino The competition is fierce today. With so many online casinos trying to lure you in and get you to play with them, it’s tough to know where to turn. The honest truth is that many of them are very, very good. They offer excellent promotions, reliable customer service, flexible banking options, you name it. Ultimately, however, the casino experience is firmly based on the quality of the games. If their gaming lineup doesn’t entice you or the games are flat, than no bonus is going to keep your attention longer than a couple of spins. Liberty Slots Casino excels at exactly the most important element; by providing the best slots to play online today. With over 100 slot machines including a tremendous range of themes and levels, it would be crazy to overlook Liberty Slots Casino.

Bonus Slot Machines are Where the Action is At

The Reel Deal Slots at Liberty Slots Casino By far, the best slots to play are the bonus slot machines. Of course, between taste and smell, there can be no argument; you may love the traditional simply 1 payline, 3 reel machines. That’s perfectly fine. But if you’re looking for the richest graphics, most exciting storylines and most ways to win the big money, then bonus slots are the answer. Liberty Slots Casino has on tap some bonus slot machines that are sure to blow your mind. Check out first The Reel Deal. This 5 reel, 20 payline bonus slot puts you in a game show state of mind and puts at your fingertips multiple ways to hit it big. The Reel Deal pulls out all the stops so that the player has the most chances of winning. The Bonus Round is pure excitement and the Free Spins doubles all your winnings, plus you have a chance to win up to 1000 times your bet with the Scatter symbol and 10,000 times your bet with the Wild symbol. There is real money to be won at The Reel Deal, but most importantly, there is real fun to be had. Play The Reel Deal Bonus Slots

Cleopatra’s Pyramid Bonus Slots isn’t Your Mummy’s Slot Machine

Cleopatras Pyramid Slots at Liberty Slots casino Your next step must be to sail on down the Nile to Cleopatra’s Pyramid Bonus Slot. This could be one of the best slot machines you’ll ever have the royal privilege to spin. Aside from the beautiful graphics, rich colors and a gorgeous rendition of Cleopatra herself, you stand a good chance of picking up the big win with this bonus slot. With a Bonus Round triggered by Pyramids, you’ll be transported to ancient Egypt from the comfort of your own house. In Cleopatra’s Pyramid, when you get your Free Spins, all you winnings are TRIPLED. The lovely Cleopatra also acts as your Wild Symbol, so when one or more Cleopatras lands on a winning combination, your prize is double. If you manage to land 5 Cleopatras, we’re talking about 10,000 times you initial bet. Another Bonus Slot Machine you need to play is The Right Prize. There are two ways to make Bob Barker proud: spade and neuter your pet and kick but at The Right Prize slots. This 5 reel, 25 payline bonus slot has it all. With 70’s appeal plus the Corvettes, Cruises and speed boats to inspire your game, you’ll be hitting the Showcase Showdown in no time. The Bonus Round puts the classed Bonus Slot power in your hands, use it wisely. On top of that are the Scatter and Wild symbols ensuring the big win. The best slots to play are at Liberty Slots Casino. Play Cleopatra’s Pyramid Bonus Slots