Multi - Player Slots

Multi-Player slots have been around for many years but a lot of the online casino uses don’t actually realize it. There are two main types of multi-player slots, the multi-player tournament slots and the multi-player slots where you play in a group and everyone works toward the same goal.

Divide Up Winnings with Multi-Player Slots

Play Wheel of Wealth Slots now!The main multi- player slots are games where one to five players can join the game and each one plays on a set of reels independently but when the bonus game is activated everyone has a chance at the bonus game together. All the winnings are then split proportionally according to the amount each player had bet. This is how the Wheel of Wealth multi- player slots game is played and in fact how it works is that you are really playing an independent game together with a joint game. You can concentrate on you reels and game while seeing in the back of your eye the other games which are running at the same time. Wheel of Wealth also offers a chat option where you can converse with other players on your team and in some cases work out strategy. There are many advantages to this type of multi-player slots game which include of course the community feeling and social aspects as well as splitting your winnings, giving you more chances to win.

Multi-Player Slots Tournaments

Another popular style of multi-player slots is in fact the multi-player slots tournaments which are offered at many casinos. In these multi-player slots tournaments every player starts with the same number of credits and time and plays the game. Leaders are determined at the end of the time period and you can also chat with other players through chat rooms in some of the casinos. Of course this method is not as beneficial as the real multi-player games as you are to a certain extent still working for yourself but the competitive streak in you comes out and also you are given the social side which is a great benefit to many and one of the reasons that you may be playing slots.

The Future of Multi-Player Games

There is a great future in multi-player slots games as you can make up teams of players with your friends and work together on strategy to try and do better. You also have all of the social benefits of playing at a land based casino as you can communicate with other players and enjoy their company while still being able to play your favorite slots and of course if you lose it is not as bad as your friend may win and the gains and losses are divided up.