Penny Slots

The confusing thing for many about penny slots is that they are generally multi line slots but don't get concerned because they really are straightforward. The best way to learn how to play penny slot machines you will need a basic understanding of pay lines, betting, and bonus features. Penny slots usually have several reels...often as many as 50. Playing more pay lines gives you a better chance of winning, but it also costs more. You should always bet the max when playing. Keep your betting at a penny a line but make sure you cover all lines. More lines means a higher hit rate and while it doesn't change the payout percentage of the machine you will usually win more often.

Added Bonuses

Most penny slot lovers are drawn to the bonuses because they are quite profitable and a lot of fun too. These bonuses are usually free spin features, separate bonus screens, and pick a box and spin the wheel type games. Getting these usually isn't too hard as you usually need to hit a certain number of "scatter" symbols anywhere on the machine.

Play the Limit

Online penny slots are quite popular...they are affordable, fun, and convenient. You can find these slot games anywhere! Always remember that you should familiarize yourself with the machine that you intend to play on. Some slots may want you play the max bet to qualify for the bonus or progressive jackpot. Most penny slots however, let you to play bonus rounds by betting as little as one coin per line.

Know when to Beef up the Ante

Instead of increasing your bet when you are losing...try it when you are winning instead. Slot machines are even more fun online than in a casino because you can gamble online at any time, as frequently as you would like. At just one penny a pop, everyone can afford to play and they are the least risky way to have fun with minimal risk.

Tons to choose from

There are also numerous penny slots to choose from. You can choose between progressive slots and one-line classic slots...just to name a few. Penny slots machines have huge payouts in comparison to table games. The best penny slot strategy involves not getting confused that you are playing using pennies. When you take all these things into consideration you will see that penny slot games offer a great time as well as attractive pay outs!

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