Bonus Slot Games

Burning Desire Slots

There are so many different styles of slots and also sizes of slots but one thing draws in players to choose one slot game over others and that is the type of bonuses that are offered. There are many different slots bonuses that you can find at a variety of different slots games which can range from off screen bonuses to free spins, random jackpots and the chance to gamble your winnings to try and increase them.

Off Screen Bonus Games

Off screen bonuses are played in slot games where you have to land a number of a certain predetermined symbol on the screen and then you are taken to a new screen where you have a bonus game to play. This bonus game comes in a number of different ways. It can be a pick and win bonus game where you are presented with a number of symbols which are relevant to the game and you have to pick one or more of them to reveal your prize. Or there is a multi level bonus where you have to choose a correct symbol or action in order to progress through the bonus game and therefore win more and more. There are of course exceptions to this style of bonus game which can be unique such as the Deal or no Deal slots game which is based on the famous TV show of the same name. In the bonus game you are presented with 99 different briefcases and you have to eliminate them one by one by choosing one which will reveal an amount that you can take home or you can carry on and try and win the large jackpot. But, at any time you can hit the wrong case and then lose the bonus round altogether.

Free Spins Bonuses

Free spins are a favorite and common bonus that is given in many video slots games and also you can find them in 3 reel slots too. The free spins are activated when you reach a certain number of symbols and can offer you free spins with a multiplier which in addition can be retriggered. Free spins start at the betting level that your last bet was placed which means that it is always a good idea to place the maximum bet if you can so that you can take advantage of any bonuses that you may win.

The Progressive Jackpot Bonus

Progressive Jackpot games come in two main forms, there is the standard progressive jackpot where you need to reach a certain configuration with the symbols when you have placed a maximum bet or there is a random progressive jackpot. The random progressive jackpot is often lower than the standard progressive jackpot but on the other hand it can be paid out at any time at the end of any spin which is not only exciting but can also be very rewarding just when you are not expecting it.

The Gamble Bonus

The last main type of slots bonus that you can find is when you are given the chance to gamble your winnings to try and double or quadruple them. The gamble feature is offered at the end of any win in some games and you can choose between the chance of trying to double or quadruple your winnings by choosing between a red and black card or the color of the suit of the card to be turned over. The gamble feature always takes place on a separate screen where you are presented with a card face down and a card face up.

Make Use of Your Casino and Slots Bonuses

Lastly Slots bonuses can also come in the way of a casino bonus which is an extra promotion or payout given to you when you play certain slots games. These bonuses are very beneficial to new and existing players and give you extra money in your account to play and hopefully after you have placed enough bets, known as play through you can actually take home your winnings. A slots bonus game is a good thing and not something to be shied away from, where you see it, learn about it and make the most of it because not everyone is lucky enough to enjoy a bonus as well as such a fun and exciting game opportunity.