Different Variations of Slots

5 reel slots have become popular throughout online slot casinos. Several online slot casino players now play the 5 reel slot machines. Most of the land based slot casinos now offer the 5 reel slot machines, for example, in Australia they now offer only the 5 reel slot machines only.

The online 5 reel slot machines also come with the bonus feature round. The 5 reel slot machines offer more choices than compared to the 3 reel slot machines and this is where their advantage is.

5 Reel Vs 3 Reel Slots - Pay Out Percentages

Many players would think that it is very difficult to hit winning combinations on a 5 reel slot machines but this is not true. All slot machines make use of the Random Number Generator and it becomes possible to hit winning combinations at any given time. The 5 reel and the 3 reel are both set to pay out a rate of 95%. Therefore, both slot machines will give out the same payout to the player. Players should note that the amount of reels on a slot machine do not make a difference due to the fact that the payout is all set to 95%.

5 Reel Vs 3 Reel Slots - Hit Frequency

When you are comparing the 5 reel slots and the 3 reel slots, you will observe that the 5 reel slots have got more winning combinations. The winning combinations on a 5 reel slot are constructed between 3 and 5 symbols and most often 2 symbols. With the 5 reel slots you will observe that you hit smaller payouts most often than the bigger payouts. The 5 reel slots have a higher lower – mid range hit payout.

5 Reel Vs 3 Reel - Should I play Max Bet

The recommended bet for the 5 reel slots would be for you to play more than one credit. You would have to play all lines. Therefore, on the 5 reel slots you would have to play on maximum bet so as to win more cash. When playing any slot game it is advisable that you read the pay out table so as to make sure which prizes you qualify for when playing with less than max.

5 Reel Vs 3 Reel – Conclusions

When selecting your slot game you would have to select it according to your own personal style. For simplicity, playing the 5 reel slots are much better than compared to the 3 reel slot machines due to the chances of winning it has got to offer.