Odds on Slot Games

Millions of people love to log into various online casinos and play the slots. In fact, slots are one of the most popular games to play online. However, very few people actually understand the odds on slot machines and trying to explain or even comprehend odds on slot machines can give most people a quick headache. Instead of fully trying to break down the science of odds on slot machines, here are a few myths and tips on slot machines and their overall odds.

Myths About Odds On Slot Machines

MYTH: Slot machines stop with equal probability on any given set of symbols.

This is completely false, at least with the modern three-reel slots. According to scientific equations of probability, some stops are much more likely to occur than others.

MYTH: Slot machine wins are not random, meaning they are programmed to go through so many spins before they give a big win to players.

This is not true. Slot machines are not programmed to go through a cycle of a pre-determined number of spins before they give a payoff. They will also NOT repeat payoffs in the exact same order each time. The truth is slot machines are random, without order to their payoffs.

MYTH: Odds on slot machines are fixed so when they pay off a certain amount of money they then tighten to get back their balance.

Slot machines are indeed designed to pay off a certain percentage of the money bet. But, a slot machine jackpot is equally as likely to hit on every spin, despite what past outcomes revealed. Of course, laws of probability to confirm the longer someone plays the machine, the closer they will come to gaining a win.

Tips About Odds On Slot Machines

  • To get better odds on slot machines and win more money, review the slot game's rules. Many slot machines will only reward top prizes if you play the maximum coins per spin.
  • Be sure to always cash out and take your coins or your payout ticket with you when you leave your machine. If you forget, you can bet someone will be lurking by and not afraid to take your winning ticket before you realize your mistake and return to look for it.
  • If you want to increase your odds on slot machines, look for those machines which guarantee a certain percentage of payback. Some slots will show a 97% payback, which can raise your chances of winning greatly.
  • While card reading slots in land-based casinos are convenient, be sure to monitor the card reader from time to time to ensure it's reading correctly and crediting your account properly. This can obviously help your odds on slot machines!