Understanding How Progressive Slots Work

If you have played a few slot games online already, you have probably come across the term progressive slots. You may even have played a game or two without fully realizing what they were!

So let's find out more now so you can take full advantage of downloading and playing your own selection of progressive slots games.

What does progressive mean?

In this context, the word progressive relates to the potential jackpot that is on offer.

However it doesn't relate to the main game jackpot. Whenever you play a slots game you have a shot at winning the big jackpot. But a progressive slots game offers you more than this.

There is another jackpot on offer with this kind of game, and it hinges on the amount of players who are playing that particular game.

With every single spin that takes place and every bet that is wagered, a small amount is added to an overall jackpot. If twenty people are playing, all twenty of them will be contributing to the progressive jackpot. This means the jackpot progresses and gets bigger as time goes on.

Who wins it - and when is the jackpot won?

No one knows when the progressive jackpot will be won - and this is half the fun!

The game is configured beforehand to pay out the progressive jackpot when a particular combination of symbols comes up on the reels. In reality you could win the top jackpot for the game and not win the progressive jackpot. Alternatively it is possible to scoop the progressive jackpot without winning the main jackpot on the game.

Why do people play progressive slots games like these?

The answer is simple - they have a chance to really win it big.

Whenever you play a slots game you will notice that the progressive jackpot amount appears in a separate window. This is usually near the top of the games screen.

It is quite exciting to know that every single time you play the game you could scoop the amount you see there. The more often you play the more chances you are giving yourself to get the exact combination that will unlock the huge jackpot.

The progressive amount is quite often much more than the regular top jackpot for the game. So pick a progressive slots game today and start playing now. You never know - this could be your lucky day!