Freaky Wild West Slots

Come meet a prickly bunch of characters in Freaky Wild West 3D Slots. This cartoon style video slot game with 5 reels and 30 paylines and hilarious sound effects will keep you interested for a long game play. There are three different places to visit Bandit Valley, Indian Village and the cowboys’ home of Sheriff Town, each one is populated by a cast of cactus characters with distinct personalities.

Go In And Win

While I played the practice round at Freaky Wild West 3D Slots I won jackpots ranging from $40 to $2135! When I was playing, the Progressive Jackpot was sitting at $3924.87. And the more the game is played the higher it will go!

When ever the reels fall the game wishes you luck by offering different encouraging messages, like “Go in and win,” or “More power to your elbow.” And when the reels stop, the little cacti make little jolting noises like they’ve just been bumped into place.

The lines light up showing you where you won and the payline number turns into a dollar amount. The little cacti who have won you your bounty, come to life shooting their guns at the screen or a number of other crazy actions. Bullets fly toward you, breaking the glass of the screen, a vulture flies by. This is an exciting and entertaining game.

Play All Three Bonus Games

Each of the different areas of the game offers its own unique bonus round. At the start of the game you begin to collect symbols. When you have gotten a symbol, the characters come to life and stars dance down to the bottom of your screen where you’re collected characters line up. Once you have all the characters you need the bonus game will begin.

When you have collected any 4 characters in Indian Village you will be taken into the Indians Gold Bonus Game. There you choose any 3 pots after they have shuffled themselves under a cloud of smoke. All five pots have money hidden underthem, but different amounts. Choose the ones with the highest numbers to win the most money.

Collect any 6 in Bandits Valley and play the Safe Crackers bonus game. You have 5 sticks of dynamite to blow and 9 safes to blow up. Choose the ones with the higest vaues hidden inside to win the biggest bonus.

You’ll win the most if you play Shoot for Loot, the bonus game in Sheriff Town. Collect 8 characters to launch this game. Take aim and shoot the 15 bandits to stop them robbing the bank.

No matter which game you play, what your bonus will be is related to how much you bet. So you are in control of how much you can win.

When the game is over, you have a choice whether to change locations of stay where you are. The screen will change color and you’ll start collecting more characters towards your next bonus game. Remember, each of the choices means you’ll be playing a different game, so try them all.

Get Free Spins

If 2 Shamans fall anywhere on your reels then you’ll win free spins which will roll automatically on the bet you’d placed. You can win anywhere from 2 to 30 free spins. So be ready. When I won mine I won 4 free spins and a bonus of $415. You can keep wining free spins while you’re playing your free spins so your free spins could last a long time.

Try The Auto Spin Option

If you like you can choose to utilize the auto spin. This will repeat your settings just as you’ve set them without you having to click spin. Select 5, 10, 20, 50 and even 100 auto spins. When you’ve activated the auto spin, the spin button is replaced by a stop button and you can stop the spinning at any time, no matter which option you selected.

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