ChilliPop Slots

This is a hard game to describe. It is kind of like making piñatas out of chili peppers while putting some other Mexican theme imagery in there, and still having piñatas themselves. We’re not entirely sure what to call it, but it is fair to say that it is Mexican. It features a bright, colorful, and highly unique art style, and plays up the sense of style. It also features some decent winnings, and some good bonuses. This is one that people are going to come back to overtime, and we can at the least say it is not like any other game out there. If you want a unique way to win, this is it!

Unique Art

The only other way we have ever seen somebody make a Mexican theme slot machine game is to make one themed after the day of the dead. And that is fine. It’s a wonderful look, and we think more people would do well to try out things with that particular aesthetic. Aside from that, however, you don’t see the same done too often. There aren’t that many ways to do it. We have seen piñata themed games before, but nothing quite like this. This is somewhat a hybrid of all the other ways of looking at Mexican culture, and manages to come together and an entirely unique way you have never seen any other medium.

One of the best parts about this game is the seemingly higher amount of production money that went into it. Everything looks like it was animated from 3-D models, and although it’s not Pixar quality work, it still holds up fine. It’s around a similar level of quality that you would probably find on a Saturday morning cartoon show, assuming they even still have those. Everything is streaming nowadays, so Saturday morning is pretty much like any other time you could imagine! That aside, it looks good, even down to the backgrounds. The background looks like a wonderfully hand-painted 3-D model, and the images and user interface go with it perfectly.

Betsoft Signature Mechanics

This game also features some unique ways to play. These are center around the cluster feature, which changes the way that you win and bet in terms of lines. There actually aren’t any traditional lines you can bet on in a slot like this. You just need to match symbols and a minimum of three in any direction. Once you do, what you have matched explodes across the screen, which allows other symbols to drop down into the spots they used to occupy, much like Tetris. This will then cause more matches to either happen or stop, and you continue on like that.

One of a Kind Gameplay

Between the art style in the gameplay, that right there makes this a game hard to compare to anything else. It is more like playing a gambling version of Tetris or Puyo Puyo then it is anything else. Most people have probably never heard of that ladder franchise, and if you haven’t, we recommend you try it out anywhere you can. Still, the game manages to feel new and exciting despite clearly taking from other well-established camps. This is probably because people in Online slot machine Game teams never actually focus on the gameplay itself. They make gameplay itself paramount here, making it feel fresh and inviting.

There is one bonus round to the game, being the double up game. It is activated after one of the many free falls as they call it, which is the Tetris like feature we talked about. This won’t give you a bunch of winnings, but it is fun, and that goes a long way. There are many slot machine games that we can honestly say all feel like a fun way to spend your time. Usually you just get through them to win some money. This one actually is authentically fun to play, which instead stand heads and shoulders above many of the others that might pay out better.


As far as what you can match goes, they have free spins features, garlic, a green pepper, and onion, a pack mule that we thought was a pinata, a pinata itself that we thought was the coronavirus, a red pepper, a tasty tomato, and a yellow pepper. All of these are spicy ingredients, except for the garlic, which is anything but. Technically most of these peppers aren’t spicy, either, they’re more savory. Still, it’s all about Mexican food, and Mexican themed things.

You can bet across the usual amount you are used to, although the lines technically don’t exist in the traditional sense. coin sizes range from two cents to a dollar, and your maximum bet is $45. This might seem low, but when you add to the fact that the reels will grow and change after they match something, it’s higher than you think. It’s kind of like every bet is potentially a bet on one so for winners, or more, if the random number generator happen to be on your side that day. It’s glorious to behold, and makes it all feel fun and exciting.

Great Hit You Have to Play

Summing up everything that this game does well is hard, but we will do our best. The production values are skyhigh and look absolutely lovely in a way you won’t find any other game. The gameplay is 100% unique to this particular title, although we are sure many imitators will pop up after the popularity of this keeps on rising. It’s one of the only slot games you can play and actually call fun whether or not you were winning. You will also win quite often, making it seem like there’s a catch you never manage to figure out. It’s all up sides here, and everyone would do well to try it!