Faerie Spells Slots

This is another one of those cool Betsoft games that looks amazing and plays even better. They have some of the highest production values in the business, and unlike many others, actually take the time to make the gameplay new and innovative. You probably know whether or not you're going to like this game already based on the theme alone. Even if you don't, however, it's still worth a try just to experience some of the innovation.

Great Theme That's Polarizing

For starters, the theme is the over arching thing that's going to put a lot of people off, or draw many in. The fairies are a controversial theme at the moment, somewhat becoming a youth and rave icon, while others take it as being a strange attempt to relive their younger days. Others just like anything in a fantasy setting, such as Tinker Bell. No matter what you're doing, or what your taste are, this game doesn't push too hard on the negative aspects of fairy culture, and makes it more like an illustrative theme than a statement.

Production values themselves are enough to get anybody considering the game itself. Even if you don't like the modern fairytale look to things, the pixies and the princesses and all of the different magical nonsense that are associated with magical forest are here. And they all look absolutely lovely. They could easily take the art style and concepts that they produced here, and make some kind of feature out of it. It's unclear what it would be about, other than magical fairy is romping around in the woods, but we do think a lot of people would enjoy it.

This game takes place in the Fairy Queen's hidden workshop. They have all kinds of cool quirks and features built into that, in usual Betsoft style. One of the many innovative mechanics here is trying to get you to collect different potions across many free spins. If you do, you can contribute to one of four different jackpots. These have to do with which potion you are producing by collecting them during the bonus time period. Should you end up using them in time, you can get either low or high multipliers to your winnings, along with some other free spins. This is different than other games approaches to online slots, making it feel more like an actual video game then something you're just doing for the money.

Good Bonuses

We will not knock anybody only in this for the money, however. There are still plenty of things to win here, and plenty of things to do. The different bonus rounds include the headlining feature, the devil up fairy magic that we discussed, the fairy spells jackpot, and the free spins feature that ignites many of these different things. This is already leaps and bounds over what you will see in any other slot machine game from other providers. This cements Betsoft's status as providing innovative games that blur the lines between slot machine games and traditional video games. This is a good thing in our book, as sometimes slots can become a little monotonous if you play them long enough.

As far as betting goes, you can use the usual number of coin increments that you are used to. You can start off with just a penny if you're being timid, going all the way up in small increments until five dollars a coin. This is across 20 different lines, and you can have up to 10 coins per line. On top of that, because of the compelling bonus features that we mentioned, you also have an additional mechanic going on at times when you get free spins. This essentially access a multiplier on top of the multiplier for your maximum bet, so I can be difficult to calculate just how high it gets.

It's Pretty Girly

This is a feminine game title, so we imagine girls are going to love it. It has many things that tend to resonate more strongly with female players and readers over the years, at least based on marketing statistics from what titles people actually buy across all mediums. You don't usually see men curling up with fairy stories, for example, while Tinker Bell was nationally praised as a feminine icon. This one doesn't have quite the same whimsical qualities as a Disney film, instead of being a somewhat more grown-up take on the theme. You'll probably already know by looking at it if you're going to like it, and if you're the kind of person that grew up having fairies all over your folder as a kid, this one is for you!

We've already talked a bit about the art style, but we also want to commend it for its quality. Each of these could easily be an illustration to be hung up at full size up on the wall. They hold up that well, and if you have an art gallery filled entirely with images made for this game, no one would feel short changed by it. It would be a true return the form for classical artwork, and something that everyone will be able to appreciate, whether or not they acknowledged that it was their a cup of tea.

The sound design of the game is also top-notch, although there isn't much going on there. Still, from what limited sounds that there are, they are all equally well done in terms of quality compared to the artwork, and all the intricately designed gameplay mechanics.

Best Fairy Game

If you want to play the quintessential fairy game, this is it. Featuring the highest production values of any fairy game we have ever seen, a gameplay mechanic that makes it much more than a simple slot machine game, a progressive jackpot, and a high return to player, this ranks among the best of all Betsoft titles. Even if you are not normally a Betsoft fan, you are going to understand why some people are after playing a game so well-made as this!