Fairy Gate Slots

If you're looking for a little fun and games, then make sure to check out the Fairy Gate Slots. When it comes to having a little bit of imaginary fun, then this is where you want to spend it. Fairies are everywhere and now they can be a part of you and what you want to grab when it comes to hitting the jackpot.

Come along with us and see all that these magical little fairies have to offer. You will be glad to know what they have when the time comes.

The 3x5 slot has all of the bonus symbols, magical fairy pieces and more. They welcome you to the magical fairy forest where they all live and play among the creatures.

Those Magical Symbols

There are specialized fairy symbols on each of the rows, which allows you to win even more when they pop up. There are WILD and BONUS symbols that pop up along the game, allowing you to cash out on some extras.

Among them are the regular letter and number symbols that you can easily find. When you line all of these symbols up just right, then you know you're making the most of the symbols and the payout that comes with them.

Bonus Rounds For Even More Fun

When it comes to playing with the fairies, you want to make sure that you're playing more when it brings the bonus and other rounds on the game. In order to unlock these features, you just have to land the reels on three bonus symbols. This unlocks the free spins feature.

During the free spin feature, you can obtain some free spins and even win more during this spin. This is a big part of the game.

When it comes to the wild symbols that pop up, you can make sure to get a bit more cash with every spin. When this happens, wild orbs are released to the front of the screen. This shows that you're being brought into the wild section of the game. Two extra reels are activated for this part of the game. This allows the user to cash out on even more cash if they make the right winning combination.

If you're into the fairies of the forest, then this is the game you want to spend some time playing. Make the jackpot worth it in the end. You can spin the reels and watch them land on the right spots in the machine. Take your next roll and watch the fairies dance across the screen.