Vikings' Victory Slots

Get spinning on the reels on Vikings' Victory Slots, where the spoils are all looted from villages and seafarers. The vikings were feared with good reason, they sole aim was to loot and steal as much as they could, The Vikings also brought their culture with them when they invaded different northern lands, these seafarers raided and also traded from their Northern Homelands across a wide area of northern, central and eastern Europe, over a period of the late 8th to late 11th century.

On Vikings' Victory slots players can relive those far off days when these Nordic seafarers ruled the seas. The game has some very impressive graphics, players will find a long shop sitting just beyond the reels, mountain and trees and smoke make up the rest of the background.

Get Sailing on the five reels, and players can place bets the twenty five pay lines. Once the reels start spinning then the vikings will strut their stuff by swinging their weapons and shooting their arrows.

A Wild of Note

The viking is the wild icon, you can recognise him because he is holding the morning star,

The highest-paying Viking is the wild; he's holding the morning star, which is a weapon that has a spiky ball that is fastened to the end of a shaft. Five of the viking wilds will pay 5,000X the number of coins bet per line.

On completion of any win, players can choose to gamble the win using the gamble feature.

The Vikings' Victory Bonus Round

This bonus round is a Pick 3 round, the feature is which is triggered when three or more scatter symbols appear,the reels are turned into a dock of wooden boxes, crates and barrels. Each one of them are filled with lots of Viking bounty, and they vary in value. Players need to pick three of them to reveal the coin value of earh one. When the bonus round is over its not finished as seven free spins are then triggered with a 3x multiplier.

Become a Viking to enjoy spinning the reels to gain lots of bounty rewards. This is a fun filled game that will keep players entertained while they win prizes.