Famous Casinos Across the Globe

Nothing beats the magic and atmosphere that you get when you enter one of the top land based casinos. It is better than any Funky Chicken slot game or Bigfoot slot machine to feel the magic and atmosphere that hits you as you enter one of the top land based casinos around the world. There is plenty to be said for gambling online and mostly it is the convenience and of course low cost but once in a while it is nice to truly experience the rich and glamorous world of land based gambling.

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Monte Carlo Class and European Culture

The Monte Carlo CasinoThere are some fantastic casinos around the world where you are not just experiencing the amazing atmosphere of the gaming tables and slot machines but you receive an all inclusive package of luxurious living and special treatment as soon as you enter the doors of the casino. The Monte Carlo casino is probably the best known European if not world casino that there is. The Monte Carlo casino was made famous in a number of Bond movies as well as some other action packed movies including the original Pink Panther movie. It sits on top of the bay of Monte Carlo and from the balcony you can view all of the stunning cruise ships that enter the port in addition to enjoying the luxury and special treatment that each and every visitor receives. Of course as a visitor to this classic land based casino you really can’t come in your jeans or shorts, there is a dress code which must be adhered to in addition to a minimum age and of course entry fee. The Monte Carlo casino boasts 316 slot machines and more than 35 table games in addition to a super exclusive private room for the very wealthy. The Monte Carlo casino is also the location of the finals of the Grand European Poker tournaments.

Beautiful Buildings and Mega Casinos

Baden Baden CasinoMoving across Europe you can find one of the most beautiful buildings in the world that house a casino and this is the Baden Baden casino in Germany. Set in a small village the Baden Baden casino is not as large as some of its counterparts but it holds a certain class and esteem with all its players who flock there to enjoy the architecture as well as the great gaming and service that it offers.

The Venetian CasinoThe Baden Baden casino is a direct contrast to the world’s largest land based casino which recently opened in China, the Venetian Macau. The Venetian Macau is an incredible 40 floors high and is modeled to reflect the Venetian canals and you can even ride on a small gondola from one table game to another. For some this casino might be just too large but for others, they have endless choice with 34000 slots (yes you read it correctly) and 800 table games.

Las Vegas All Inclusive Casinos

La Mirage CasinoOf course some of the most famous land based casinos are those in Atlantic City and Las Vegas in America. These are not on the level of the Chances Mega casino but do offer a wide range of games and slots together with great service and support. In fact at many of the Las Vegas casinos such as La Mirage which is the most well known one in Las Vegas, you also can benefit from exclusive hotel rooms, excellent dining facilities and even great shows. Nothing beats the convenience of playing online games where you don’t have to dress up or pay extra entrance fees but on the other hand once in a while it is so beneficial to experience the fantastic atmosphere, pomp and super service that you can get from land based casinos.