My Bonus 4 Life at InterCasino

Bonuses come and bonuses go, but they hit and then they are gone, never to return, right? No, not at all! InterCasino's Bonus 4 Life is your own personal bonus that hits month after month for as long as you play at InterCasino.

How My Bonus 4 Life Works

My Bonus 4 Life is a program that gives existing players a personal bonus every month that they play for life. Moreover, in the course of the month InterCasino will send players additional promotion information in addition to the My Bonus 4 Life program.

How much players receive varies with how much action the individual player sees with InterCasino, and it varies month to month. The more a player bets, the bigger the bonus they receive.

Each month InterCasino posts the bonus directly to the player's InterCasino inbox and sends a notice to their registered email account too.

Terms and conditions of the My Bonus 4 Life program as well as what the player needs to do to claim the funds are explained in the monthly notices from InterCasino.

Existing accounts receive the Bonus 4 Life promotions. Newly registered InterCasino players are also eligible for the gigantic InterCasino Welcome Bonus. Players who have registered at InterCasino but who have lost their registration information must contact InterCasino for their registration information, as they are not eligible for the Welcome Bonus, but they still qualify for My Bonus 4 Life.

Play at InterCasino

InterCasino is a beautiful Cryptologic property with a huge selection of slot, table and specialty games. It offers a quick casino download for the full version, and most games are also available in a Flash form with no downloads required. Atypically, the InterCasino software package is also available on a free CD for those who may have trouble loading the software via online connection.

Unfortunately for US players, InterCasino is not a US friendly property. Among other denominations, US dollars are accepted, but your country of residence may not be the United States.

Claim Your Bonus 4 Life Now!

My Bonus 4 Life is one of the hottest loyalty bonuses on the Internet today! Head on over to InterCasino now and get yours started now. Also be sure to contact their customer support line to make sure you get all the current bonuses that are available to you.