Cash-out Faster with Bitcoin At Joe’s Fortune

Apart from Credit Cards and e-wallets for deposits and withdrawals, Joe Fortune Casino offers Bitcoin as a method of deposit and withdrawals. Bitcoin is fast becoming a wallet of choice for many players on online casino, its fast, convenient, reliable and an added bonus anonymous whilst in transaction, only you and the Casino know the Bitcoin address, Bitcoin addresses are difficult to remember, they are long string of numbers and letters, lower and upper case letters mixed with numbers that creates 26-35 alphanumeric characters. The string of numbers start with the numbers 1 or 3. a Bitcoin address is assigned when opening a Bitcoin account with a Bitcoin wallet, two popular Bitcoin wallets in Australia are CoinJar and Bit Trade. Joe Fortunate Casino recommends these two for successful and safe transactions.

Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer digital currency that can be used to pay merchants online or could be used to send money to your mates. The storage of Bitcoins in a wallet, just like a normal bank account, is safe, convenient and perfectly secure.

One of the reason Joe Fortune Casino uses Bitcoin they can offer their players transactions that have no withdrawal fees so players get the full withdrawal amount.

Withdraw can be made once every 3 days instead of having to wait 7 days with other withdrawal methods.

If you don’t have an account with a Bitcoin wallet, we suggest that's where you start, create the account, fund it, then you can conduct transactions with Joe Fortune Casino with minimum of fuss and zero fees for withdrawals.

Instant, Direct and Secure Betting at Joe Fortune Casino

Joe Fortune Casino offers players a number of secure and direct methods for depositing funds at the casino and also receiving withdrawals in return. The banking section of the casino is where the player will find the methods for depositing funds. Players can send funds using credit cards that include Amex, Visa and Mastercard, they can also make direct transfers using an electronic check or the player can use Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash.

Bitcoin and Bitcoin cash are called cryptocurrencies and are considered the most secure and direct method for online payments today. In order to use Bitcoin, the player must first open a Bitcoin wallet. A Bitcoin wallet is an online wallet that holds the cash, Bitcoin or Bitcoin cash, for the player until he is ready to transfer it to the casino. Players cannot transfer Bitcoin directly without a wallet. Bitcoin is mined or it is bought, and it is made up of hundreds of complex algorithms and blockchains making it totally secure and impossible to copy.

Players can hold Bitcoin in their wallet for as long as they want until they feel ready to send to the casino. All transactions whether with Bitcoin or with credit cards are 100% secure and fully encrypted giving the player total security and confidence to enjoy the casino and all its games. Players that want to make withdrawals can do so directly to their Bitcoin wallet with the Bitcoin cash or they can request a withdrawal to their credit card account or directly to their bank account. Withdrawals are made only once the casino management has approved the withdrawal.