Great 88 an Asian Themed Extravaganza Slots Game

Can you imagine a game that literally explodes when wins happen, not only when the win occurs but also when wild firecracker wilds form exciting combinations for real quality wins. Added to that is a novel bonus game that will keep payers coming back for more.

There are paying dragons, fireworks that set off wins, Lucky boxes with several features all of them come together to keep any player happy, the reels brim with jade frogs, firecrackers that explode, real beautiful dragons, bamboo shoots and squares with calligraphy all designed to bring you luck! Set the autoplay and watch it all happen before your eyes, my game play saw my bankroll increase appreciably with all the luck I had.

Feast you eyes on some bright and colourful graphics with a background of a tea house, and flowing trees. The reels spin and the symbols animate quite spectacularly. Great 88 is definitely going to be a favorite for many players.