Setting Yourself Gambling Limitations

Whether you are a frequent casino player or a new casino player you will still have that feeling that you are in control and you know how to stop yourself when the time comes. In theory this is great but in practice that little voice in your head may be saying, just one more bet, it will be the decider and so on. Gambling is a sport but it is also an addictive sport and if you kid yourself by saying that you cannot be affected by it then that is a major problem to begin with. One of the most important aspects of online gambling whether you choose to play a funky chicken slot game or a Full Tilt slots game is knowing your limits. During the game you may end up getting carried away which is why it is a good idea to set your personal limitations before you even start playing.

Transfer Only the Amount You can Afford

If you are playing at a well known casino that offers you different secure online payment options, one of the best ways to stay in touch with your spending is to only transfer the amount that you can afford to the casino. This limits your gambling and will make sure that you can only spend what you have. Don’t be tempted to transfer more to the casino through you chosen online payment option as this would be a disaster. You need to preset the amount that you can afford and keep to it. Taking this into account, it is another good reason not to use credit cards for transferring money to the casino. A credit card has a much broader spending spectrum than other payment options and therefore it is a much less secure method in terms of your limitations only.

Keep Bonuses Separate from Your Own Cash Amounts

When you are looking at the amount of your balance in the casino, make sure that the bonuses that you have received are separate from the actual money that you have to spend. Bonuses are great but they come with limitations and one of the limitations is that you have to accomplish a certain amount of play through until the money is yours and this can often deceits players who believe that they have more money in their account to spend than they really do. Many of the leading casinos offer a Playcheck bonus system where you can see what amounts are yours and what is limited under the bonus schemes.

Make Use of Casino Help and Outside Bodies

At many of the casinos you can also find help in terms of the customer service and outside bodies that will help you with issues you may have including your gambling limits. Outside bodies such as gambling anonymous can council you to enjoy the gambling experience while not spending too much or more than you can afford. Gambling is a leisure activity and should be treated like this but you must adhere to yourself set limitations in order to enjoy the experience in full.