Alley Cats Slots

What isn't to like about a group of cartoon alley cats that all hang out in the bowling lanes. The Alley Cats Slots is a great combination of very detailed and colorful graphics, excellent winning possibilities as well as bonus features, free spins and jackpots that are going to have you jumping for joy when you strike it rich. This Microgaming slot is really a great game for anyone new to online casino action of those that are old hands at the games. Join and play Alley Cats Slots

Scads of Cats

Not surprisingly the major symbols found on Alley Cats Slots are alley cats themselves. There is the cute black kitten, the grey cat holding the bowling pins, a white cat with hears and of course the typical alley cat with his grinning face. To round out the symbols look for the cat nip, a bowling trophy, garbage cans and bags as well as a dog that is being held hostage in the bowling alley.

Striking It Big

The strike symbol is the scatter symbol, resulting in a triggering of the bonus feature or the free spins. The strike symbol on a payline from left to right pays providing there are three symbols in a row. You don't have to do anything to get into the free spins or the bonus feature.

Free Spins and Bonus Features

The scatter symbol will randomly trigger either free spins or the bonus feature, both which provide winning options you won't want to miss. The free spins are randomly assigned with doubled winnings during those twenty turns of the reel. The free spin option cannot be re-triggered at this time, but as soon as you return to the regular spins and games they can be triggered, providing endless possibilities. The bonus game on Alley Cat Slots is a lot of fun. You will see another screen appear that is a makeshift bowling alley with some very unique pins at the end. Select up to three different objects which include a lava lamp, that poor tied up dog, a cracked bowling pin, table lamp, red bottle and a wine bottle to win what they reveal. Trading for another object is all part of the fun, just remember whatever the third object you select reveals will be your winning amount.

Reasons To Play

The really cool graphics in this game as well as the sound effects that match the action of the symbols on the reels and in the bonus games are major reasons to play. Add to this the bonus prizes that are multiplied by up to 100x's your coin bet and you really can't strike out with Alley Cats Slots.