Best Match Bonuses

Casinos with Best Match Bonuses

Match Bonus is a form of Sign-up or Welcome bonus. Welcome bonuses can work in a number of different ways, but the most common at this time is that the casino matches your initial deposit into your play account. For example, if you deposit $100, the casino also deposits $100, bringing your account balance to $200.

Not all match bonuses are dollar-for-dollar, but they all extend your play time at the casino. And that brings me to the most important point: Match bonuses are not a matter of one casino being nicer than another casino. Rather, they are a means of luring you into their casino for more play time by extending the value of your money. You cannot cash out thee bonuses until you have wagered a pre-ordained amount of your own money, but that is alright - the bonus extends the amount of time that you can play on each dollar by giving you another dollar to play with!

Read the terms of your match bonus carefully. Most match bonuses are around a dollar for dollar matching. Some are higher, which is not necessarily a bad thing if the bonus is sufficiently large. Some match bonuses range as high as $4000, but to get that you have to play $16000, or 400% of the bonus value, of your own money. That is not a bad deal if your gambling stake is in that league, but it is pretty rich for most inexperienced gamblers. The contractual explanation for the match bonus should be simple and straightforward - match bonuses are not rocket science! Read the agreement. If it seems convoluted or if you do not understand every bit of it, make use of the casino's help line. If it is still not clear, compare it to other casinos' match bonus agreements. If it still leaves you with a bad feeling about it, just move on to the next casino. The best casinos use very clear and understandable explanations of their bonuses.

Since nearly all casinos offer match bonuses, be choosey. You have the opportunity to be the difficult shopper in this instance, so comparison shop and make sure that you are getting the most bang for your buck. The match bonus is only one element of choosing the casino that you want to play at, and it does lock you into a specific casino for a while, so be sure that you are at an establishment where you want to play. Do consider the match bonus, but consider it among all the other elements that make up a great casino such as their help line, their banking options and the level of security that they offer their players. You will discover that the best casinos have first-class match bonuses tied up in a package with everything else!