Big Kahuna Slots

Big Kahuna slots was created with a lot of colorful symbols, like mouth watering fruit, grinning lizards, masked men, monkeys, lizards, and an erupting volcano. This game will be definitely an eye catcher and full of funny elements it is guaranteed to be an attention grabber to people.

This slot game will be giving you the wild symbols, 2 different type of bonuses, and scatter symbols. Having various features and formed with an exciting visual. Big Kahuna slots game truly is an addictive slot game online, in its best sense. Download and play Big Kahuna Slots now!

Big Kahuna's description

Big Kahuna Slots is a very famous slot game & seeing it over gives you a minimum starting bet of only five cents, then it will go up to 90 dollars per single spin when you bet the maximum lines and coins. The main reason to its rising popularity is due to its two bonus game.

You'll know when you start the slot game that it will be a very special game, due to the mini introduction movie. The background sound effect is perfect in capturing the theme's feeling of jungle elements. Depending on the type of winning combination that you've hit, you'll hear a screeching monkey, a jungle sound and erupting volcano. This game's graphics have been an excellent combination along with so many techniques for you to win, making a great all round slot games.

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Big Kahuna Slots Symbols

The Wild Symbols - The fruit is this slot's wild symbol, but yet it doesn't substitute the Lizard symbols, volcano or mask symbols and chief symbols.

The Scatter symbols - when you are able to get two plus of a monkey symbol in these five reels, you'll win.

The Bonus games two - for you to be able to play a pick mask bonuses game, you'll need three, four or five masked symbols in one row in an allowed paylines and then the 1st mask symbol needs to be shown on first left side reel. With this slot game, you'll be able to select fruits, and you'll even be able win the bonus jackpot price. We just love the theme of Big Kahuna full of adventure and winning options.