Bitcoin Poker Tournaments

Do you love poker? Do you possess bitcoins? This cryptocurrency has hit lots of headlines recently, and there are now casinos that use just this currency. Some are built into the bitcoin blockchain, too. If you often play poker, it might be worth reading on to find out how you can bet bitcoin on poker tournaments.

Don't dive in until you know all about bitcoin

It's never a good idea to dive into the world of bitcoin without researching it first. Maybe you already have some and you have it stored safely in a wallet. If not, and you are thinking of getting some, make sure you know how to do it. You can either mine it (the long-winded way) or you can buy it (the easy way). Go to a reputable and well-known source to do this.

Can anyone play in bitcoin poker tournaments online?

Yes! If you are used to visiting online casinos and being told you are from a restricted country, you'll find bitcoin casinos are a breath of fresh air. A bitcoin casino works on the blockchain and uses this cryptocurrency, so there are no restrictions on location. That is good news for you, as you can choose the virtual casino you like best and get started. Just be sure they offer poker tournaments (and hopefully a deposit bonus when you join, too). This bonus would be offered in mBTC, and it is the ideal way to boost your early bankroll.

Which type of poker will you play?

Many casinos offer lots of poker tournaments. They will usually involve different types of poker as well. So, check out the current list of tournaments and see which ones you like the look of.

All tournaments will either be freeroll ones, or require a buy-in. A freeroll tournament means you get free entry to play, and is the best one to shoot for when you a trying a tournament for the first time. Meanwhile, a buy-in will require a payment to be made to grant you entry into that tournament. Some casinos only offer these, but the buy-in is usually quite low and may vary from game to game.

Could you be a big winner in the bitcoin poker tournaments online today?

Prizes vary, and tournaments with buy-ins will usually have the biggest ones available. But whichever poker tournament you enter, playing with bitcoin makes them the most accessible ones around today.