Ten Times Wins Slots

This is one of the latest entries from fan favorites rival gaming. It features a classic Las Vegas aesthetic which is combined with impressive multipliers and slick artwork to make the best of old time slot machines with some new and innovative features. As the title suggests, this one is mainly focused on winning, so if that sounds like it’s your thing, you’ll love this one!

Classic Appeal

Online slot machine games have mostly advanced since the old classic Vegas days by adding more lines to bet on, more reels, and more bonus features that you simply cannot get on a classic slot machine game. None of this has stopped classic slot machine games from being popular, however. Technically, they are arguably more popular than they have ever been. There are many reasons for this. One of them could simply be nostalgia. Another could be that they are straight to the point, and hard not to figure out. They get right to winning, and feel familiar. Whatever the case may be, don’t let the simple looks of this one fool you! It’s new and popular already.

Big Winnings

One of the headlining features here is the infamous 10 times win. It corresponds to the multipliers that you will get, and the amount of winnings that you can rack up. This extends beyond what you would normally see in a slot machine game, giving you a greater number of chances of winning by a factor of nine. This is obviously dependent on the amount of bet you were put down, but should you choose to risk highly, you will not be disappointed!

One thing that most players will immediately notice about this game is how simple it looks. This is deceptive, because it’s not so much that it is simple, as it is that they have taken the way classic slot machine Games looked at modernized them. They were not shipping out on the budget here, but rather trying to re-create an older style of game. The artwork has top-notch production values, just as good as anything you would see from the big budget titles elsewhere. It also spins and plays smoothly, with nice little animations that are unique to each symbol when you match them.

Betting Mechanics

In a game like this, you can bet in the usual amounts you are used to. Whether you are putting down a single penny or going all the way up to $10 a coin, across the three lines you can bet on, you’re sure to get a good return on your investment. By our math, the most you can bet at once is $90. The betting here is pretty well rounded too, giving you one to three coins per line. As far as what you can match goes, you will have the various bars that number from 1 to 3, the 10 times when simple, various number cherries, and the lucky number seven symbol. We’re not sure why the seven symbol has such an enduring legacy an online slot machine games, but it feels just as good to get it now though as it ever did, even 50 to 60 years ago when it was first introduced into slots.

One gripe here is that there is no big progressive real time progressive jackpot. You are instead encouraged to play for longer times without getting quite as much out of each individual win.

Simple Graphics

Another thing we will know about this game is that visually, although it looks nice, it does nothing to distinguish itself from most of the other classic slot machine games. It is slick, and we enjoy that aspect of it. There isn’t a whole lot else about it that is going to stand out to you, however. If you were to line it up among many of the other classic theme slot machine games, you would probably have a time picking up out of the lineup. That’s not to say it is bad on the eyes, just that it doesn’t have a unique identity. We commend them for having a theme that have to do with winning more money, but there also isn’t much creativity when it comes to distinguishing it as a brand, either. The theme may as well be money, as that’s all there is here!

One other thing to know about this title is that the return to player does appear to be heighten just a bit to make up for the lack of production values. The average returned a player on all my slot machine jams is around 96%. And our experience, this one seems to be running a little bit higher. It’s kind of hard to run higher than that, but e little bit helps. If you play long enough, this does not mean you are guaranteed to get a jackpot or anything, as this game features none. What it does man, however, is that you are guaranteed to win at least something, and get some kind of return. This keeps things fair, and let you know that you’re not simply throwing your money away.

For Nostalgic Vegas Hopefuls

This game is not a game for someone that is looking for a lots of razzle-dazzle, an imaginary narrative story line holding it together, or crazy bonus rounds that are going to make them feel like they’re playing a video game. That’s simply not what they are about here, and that’s OK. There are plenty of other games just like that out there.

In sum, this is a game that keeps it as classic as they can while offering you innovative features that come with online gambling, including being able to win more amounts of money. It’s pixel perfect, and we love it!