Arrogant Pirates Slots

If you want to win money while pretending to sail the high seas, then you have found a great slot ship upon which to set sail! Being one of the most brazen examples we have seen of the Pirates and loot genre, this take on it is very streamlined, to the point, and still manages to look great. If you’re looking for another hit from Bovada gaming, that you found it!

Bovada Gaming Goodness

This title is brought to you by Bovada gaming. They are one of the main competitors to real-time gaming, and have a very streamlined approach on the online slot machine genre. They tend to combine high production values with innovative bonus features and decent betting amounts. Their games are known to pay out higher than normal, be very fast pace, and look absolutely to die for. We didn’t even have to look to see who made this one because once you see the care and time that went into it, you know it has to be Bovada.

Here, they played things pretty close to the vest. They didn’t take too many chances by making this a five reel game. It has many bonuses around, and the betting amounts of what you would normally expect. You could put down a single penny, or go up to a total of $10 for a single coin. Across the reels, this adds up to $150 as your maximum bet. This is across 15 different lines. This definitely isn’t going to make anybody rethink the slot machine genre, but something can be said for having something nice, familiar, and to the point.

Looks Lovely

One of the things that will strike you first about this game is how lovely it looks. They took a very deep, rustic tone with it all, while still maintaining a sense of humor. Although it does have elements of realism into how much detail is here, there still is a little bit of tongue-in-cheek humor around the edges. The skull and crossbones flag, for example, is somewhat cartoony. The anchor symbol also has the rope tied around it and feeling somewhat like a lasso. In this way, it manages to walk the line between whimsical and serious.

The multipliers here are the bonuses that you will get, featured on bulbs themselves. They range from two, five, and 10 times multipliers. Anytime you want to win with one of these, you get the option to get the wilds on the reels after that. From there, things get even easier when it comes to winning. It makes for a very fast paced game, who’s only limit to winnings is how long you play!

Matching Symbols Rule

While playing this game, you will be greeted with many different things to match. One of them is the map and compass symbol. This is probably the most common. After that, you’ll get the pirate ship, which is paying out right under that first simple. Followed by that, there are many wilds in this game, in the form of boats. The skull and cross bones comes after, acting as a scatter symbol. It gives you free spends and multipliers depending on how many you match. The treasure chest as the final nail in the coffin, which activates a bonus rounds. The pad things out, they also have suits of cards.

This game is a quality production all around. They clearly took the time with the bonus round here, giving you a range of things to do they go outside of work that most games offer. One of them is just a free spins feature, activated by one of the scatter symbols. Alongside of that, however, you can get enough treasure chest to activate that bonus round. Within it, you can win quite a bit of money, and have a little bit of fun too. They do not come up as often as the free spins, but when they do, you better brace yourself!

Our Time with It

When we played it, we can see why this one is a family favorite. We started out playing it easy by just having some pennies on the board, but pretty soon we were putting down dollar after dollar. We ended up about breaking even after our long time here. We also had a pretty good time, because we ourselves are a fan of pirates in general. It doesn’t matter what it is, if it has to do with pirates, we are there!

Mobile Friendly

As far as support goes, you can expect this game to run finally across all of your devices. We tried it on iPhones, iPads, and Android devices primarily, jumping in a little bit on a PC after that. Although it is also compatible with a Mac, based on what we have seen, nobody on any platform in existence has anything to worry about. It runs perfectly no matter where you decide to set sail. The only thing we will mention is that, if you have a shaky Internet connection, you might not have a good time. Just be sure to station yourself somewhere with Wi-Fi and good access, however, and you’ll be fine!

For a game like this to be best understood in context, as you can easily be playing pretty much anytime. For comparison, other games tend to have a more cartoony feel to them, with actual characters that are larger than life. This one feels more like a static rendition of the pirate theme, featuring things that have to do with pirates and a fairly static way. You can tell that a little bit of 3-D rendering was probably throw in here as well. That’s not to say it’s a bad thing, but it’s middle of the road when it comes to personality, and you should expect to fall in love with any of the graphics. It lacks that endearing quality that other games have.

With all that in mind, however, this one definitely plays much more like a classic pirate game in a Vegas casino. It has all of the looks of a hit, plays in a fairly fast paced way, and prefers to give you bigger winnings rather than wow you with the graphics. It still looks good, it’s just somewhat of a step down from the personality that you would see it some of the other offerings by real-time gave me. That’s why Bovada tries to make up for it with Winnings.

Minor Misgivings

Our main misgivings about this game, which is true of most Bovada gaming options, is that there is no progressive jackpot. This is it to say you won’t win the same amount of money overall, but we really do enjoy that little big lottery that is the progressive jackpot. That would be one of the only things we change about this game. We love the way that other providers have made use of them, so it is sad to see them lacking here.

Other than that, however, this one is definitely a classic. If you were looking for quick winnings, like the high seas, and would rather be a villain that a savior on them, when you have found your new home away from home!