6 Reel Slots

Have you tried any 6-reel slots yet? There was a time when it was almost impossible to find any, but that time has passed. Now, you can easily spot several six-reel slot games online even if you spend just a few moments looking for them.

If you're new to the idea of playing on six reels rather than five or even just three, don't worry. Settle in for our guide to six-reel slot games right here. You're in for a few pleasant surprises as you learn more about them.

Are these six-reel slots easy to play?

There is way more scope to include more features in these games, but yes, they're usually still straightforward. Many include more than the usual three rows of symbols, so you might end up with a 6 x 4 game to play. In this case, you'll often see a way wins format that delivers 4,096 possibilities for a prize on each spin.

The alternative is a Megaways format. You can see this across many slots from many developers, as they can all access and use the Megaways engine. This gives a varied quantity of winning combinations per spin, depending on how the game progresses and how many icons land on each spin. The minimum is typically two, with other quantities appearing as well, up to seven per reel. The Megaways format delivers different amounts on each of the reels.

Our advice is always to load the paytable whenever you look at a six-reel game for the first time. And if you can play the demo first, make sure you do so.

Special icons to hunt for in 6-reel slot games

It's common to spot wild symbols in these slots, along with one or more scatters. Usually, you'll only get one scatter symbol, but we have seen games that use up to six of them. A cool example of this is the Super 6 slot, using six scatters to spell SUPER6 across the six reels. Depending on how many you find, you'll access a free spin round with varying features in it as bonuses.

Speaking of bonuses…

When you've got a slot game offering six reels and potentially more symbols on each one, you can expect a better chance of finding one or more bonus rounds involved as well. Many have a regular free spin round, although some offer larger quantities of spins as there is room for six triggering symbols to land.

You might also see other features on the reels. Games sometimes have disappearing symbols, when winning combinations vanish to allow other symbols to replace them. This creates another opportunity to net some prizes. Other features may randomly occur, while a third option brings second screen bonuses involving a link to the game theme.

More developers now release six-reel games

We remember finding it difficult to see any six-reel slots, never mind having a choice of games to play. We've come far since those early days though, as we now have lots of possibilities to choose from. While not all developers have ventured into the 6-reel slot arena, it is becoming more crowded by the day.

Our top picks in the six-reel slot game arena

Let's give you some examples of top performing online slots delivering on the six-reel format. As you'll see, some of these have become massively popular.


There are many reasons to love this slot game. The six reels each contain varying quantities of symbols, all carved out of rock, with gems, letters, numbers, and other icons appearing over them. As a Megaways slot, you can get up to 117,649 ways to win. The GOLD scatter symbols spell out the way to receive some free spins too.

Book of Ra 6:

You've heard of the Book of Ra, we're sure… and this version of the successful slot game has six reels rather than the standard set of five. The reel is optional, so you need to up your wager to include it, but if you're choosing to play the game, we guess you'd be ready for that. Free games with the usual expanding symbol are up for grabs here too.

Diamond Mine Megaways:

Megaways slots habitually have six reels, and we have another superb example of one for you here. The format here gives us another reel running four spaces along horizontally above the main six as well. Mystery symbols, win multipliers, and free games can all show up during play.