Hot Drop Jackpots

If you're ready for a new kind of virtual gambling experience, you'll want to dive into the latest innovation from the lucrative world of online casinos. Bovada Casino- Hot Drop Jackpots. It's easy for me to anticipate the excitement of a regular gambler at this brand new feature, with a grand total of three jackpots to try out. These jackpots are superior to your average, run-of-the-mill jackpot. These jackpots will provide an exhilarating and riveting experience, unlike your average jackpot. These rewards are nothing to shrug off!

Hot Drop Jackpots: Real Money Opportunity Guaranteed

You might be wondering what exactly is a Hot Drop Jackpot. Hot Drop Jackpots is a new class of online casinos, available now at the glorious Bovada Casino. When you pull up Hot Drop Jackpots, you'll see some common traits that resemble a traditional jackpot - so they aren't letting go of everything you love about jackpots. Instead, they're adding to the value and overall entertainment quality! The thing with Hot Drop Jackpots is you'll be introduced to not just one, but three jackpots, which are certain to drop! Sure, standard slot games offer real money, and the features we all are accustomed to. However, in addition to your favorite base slot game, there will be an opportunity to win a massive payout. Plus, if you are the lucky player who triggers the jackpot, you just withdraw the funds and spend it however you'd like - that means no play money! These jackpots aren't just credited to play more slots. These jackpots equal cold hard cash.

Hourly, Daily, and Super Jackpots

Now, there are three highly sought-after types of jackpots. One of them is the Hourly Jackpot. The other is the Daily Jackpot and the final is the Super Jackpot. These jackpots have slightly different rules than average, so they'll need to be won before the pre-determined time runs out, or the amount limit. The key to scoring the Hourly Jackpot is in the hands of father time and lady lucky! The hourly jackpot will need to drop before it reaches the end of the hour. The Hourly Jackpot is usually worth roughly $1,000 in real cash. The next time-based jackpot is the Daily Jackpot. This jackpot is pre-programmed to drop at some point before the end of the day. This jackpot is higher valued than the Hourly Jackpot and pays out around $25,000. The most valuable jackpot is the Super Jackpot, which is amount-based! This jackpot is similar to a progressive jackpot and increases its value the more players give it a spin. There is a maximum limit of an enormous $250,000 available! It's certain to drop at some point before then.

Hot Drop Jackpot Basics

These jackpots are attached to the Hot Drop Jackpot game. You'll need to play the game for the chance to win. The navigation for this game's screen is easy to pull up and even the lesser experienced gamblers will be able to comprehend the format. There are three tabs, attached to each jackpot. You'll be able to see how close each jackpot is to being triggered, allowing you the opportunity to gamble with some strategy. Remember, it will need to be near the maximum threshold to be triggered. All jackpots can be active at once, but not always. The jackpots unlock in order. The first jackpot to unlock will be The Hourly Jackpot. You'll be able to tell if one of the time-based jackpots is won because it will be virtually padlocked for emphasis. It'll also display a count-down clock as a preview, so users will know how long it'll be until it's available to win again. In addition, when the Super Jackpot is won, the jackpot will reset to the base value, and start all over. While you'll need to wait till the next day for the Daily Jackpot, you'll only need to wait thirty minutes to an hour for the Hourly Jackpot. I would suggest trying playing Hot Drop Jackpots when all three jackpots are active. You'll have better odds of scoring one of them.

Game Themes

Much of this review has been spent focusing on the Jackpots, but I wanted to make a point to bring up various exciting slot games that have Hot Drop Jackpots attached to them! Bovada Casino has three different themed games to play. One of them is Gold Buffalo, an animal, and riches-based slot - let The Gold Buffalo guide you to riches. Another slot is 777 Deluxe, a subtle nod to the beginnings of slot games and the focus on the lucky number 7. The third available is A Night With Cleo, a Cleopatra-based slot because an Egyptian slot never fails to entertain and entice its audience! Keep your eye out for more Hot Drop Jackpots, as this casino is planning to add more all the time. Soon you'll have even more theme options to try out the Hot Drop Jackpots! Keep your eye on Bovada Casino's new game selection - you won't want to miss out on these rewarding jackpots.

Welcome Bonus

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