Caesar's Victory Slots

If you like both anime and ancient Rome, Bovada gaming has brought them together in surprising fashion. With an art budget that is skyhigh, a theme that glitters with gold, and graphics that are completely out of the ordinary for this sort of theme, most people will probably fall in love with this one immediately. At the very least, they’ve made for an unforgettable game in an otherwise tired genre. We recommend it, I think most people will enjoy it whether or not they are a fan of the time period.

Looks Jaw Dropping with Jackpots

To get this out-of-the-way immediately, as we feel it is most important, this title, unlike the rest of the Bovada gaming catalog, is featuring a progressive jackpot. This means that, the more you play, and the more other people play, the bigger the jackpot gets. Whether or not anyone gets it is entirely random. The more time goes on, the bigger it will get, until one person finally wins it. If you would like that to be you, all you have to do is come back to it more often than not!

The coin sizes here and general gameplay mechanics are very different from anything else. You can start off with coins that go as small as just a single penny, and move all the way up in different increments to $10 a coin. Across the 20 lines that are available to play here, this means your maximum bet is, as you guessed it, $200. Although there is no real bonus round here, they did include a free spins feature. Because of the progressive jackpot, and the free spins feature coming around so easily, we wouldn’t have it any other way!

The main selling point for this game is clearly the incredible art style. Across all of the many different graphics, you would normally expect them to have a somewhat old Timey, rustic theme to it in line with ancient Greece and Rome. They did nothing of that sort here, however. It looks somewhat like an anime version of Disney with a lot more painterly detail. We would compare it to something like Disney’s Hercules, but even then, this is far more Asian looking than that. We’re entirely fine with it, as it looks absolutely beautiful, and plays even better. The color scheme is also impeccable. They lightened up the traditional rustic and gold colors that tend to be used in the genre with some very nice teals and deep saturated roads. This makes for a beautiful contrast, and makes it in general look unforgettable.

Great Details

Alongside the lovely graphics, they have also taken the time to make the look extend further than just what you see on the reels. The background, for example, is very well done, feeling like an authentic Roman Colosseum. There’s not much to look at, as it is covered by the reels, but it’s still a nice thing to say, and additional detail that will keep you interested.

As one of the many reel spin by, you will also see some other thoughtful animations that have put a lot of thought into. This isn’t one of those games were everything looks very static and immobile. Everything moves in teems with life as it spins on by. When you match things, you are let known immediately as well. There really isn’t anything we would change about the look of the game, aside from doing away with the suits of playing cards in favor of something more Roman themed. Or just having something Roman themed for the suits of playing cards. They do look a little out of compliance by comparison, although still not in any way bad.

One thing we particularly enjoy about the game is how fast it all plays. They made the reel spin just a little bit faster, and go a little bit further, so you can get in more play time with an a shorter period. This makes it a lot more fun to play with and one of the games that keeps you waiting for the reels to finish. We can get things twice as much done as we otherwise could because of how fast it goes.

Changes We’d Make

The only thing we would change about this game, as we said before, is adding more of the lovely illustration work to the rest of the reels. Although we enjoy what we see here, we simply want more of it. The suits of playing cards don’t look bad, but the pale in comparison to the lovely illustrations. There are clearly many easy ideas that they could’ve come up with here, so filling out all of the reels with real images would have been a joy. As it stands, it’s still good, but it is short of what it otherwise could have been.

On top of that, it also would’ve been nice to have some kind of bonus round to make it a little less monotonous. As it’s going right now, the way that you spin and spin, that’s pretty much all there is to it. There’s never any groundbreaking things, and when you win more money, it doesn’t particularly feel special. This is because at most you are going to be winning more spins. There’s never any break in the action, it’s just the same thing over and over again. Some people will enjoy this, and find it somewhat Zen like. Others will find it annoying, however. We think they could’ve at least copied one of the bonus games from their other catalog, but that’s just us.

We will also say that, if you are not a fan of the time period, you still probably won’t like this game. Maybe if you enjoy well done illustrations, but that’s about the only other thing we can think of when it comes to what they were going after here. It’s a pretty looking game, but if you’re not very into what they drew, then you’re kind of stuck.


One thing that you can also do here is choose how many spins you would like to play. The maximum number here is infinity, and we do mean that. We don’t recommend going infinitely, however, I was more fun to start from time to time to see how you were doing. It also makes it feel more involved, and less like you’re simply throwing money out into the Internet in hopes of getting some more back. We personally like doing it in increments of 10, which is the lowest increment that we can do. You need to set how much you wanna bet on the different auto spins, but that’s fairly standard.

For anyone looking for a quick diversion, this one handles that in spades. It is one of the prettiest games out there on the market, and runs quite well across all platforms. It also comes with a nice progressive jackpot across the top of it, which only grows over time the more you play. If you want something with bonus games, you will have to look elsewhere. If you just want money and a decent art style, however, along with some nice animations, you are in for a treat!