Crabs Go Wild Slots

Fish fans rejoice! You have another high production value, elegant gameplay mechanics, and high-paying game from Bovada gaming to enjoy. This game keeps it very simple, focusing on the fundamentals, and capturing the theme perfectly. If you are a fan of crustaceans exclusively, over typical fish, this one is a game finally made for you!

Bovada Goodness

For starters, you know what you are getting into here if you have played any of the other Bovada gaming titles. Much like the rest of their catalog, it is a standard five reel game, featuring the usual number of lines to vote on, and gameplay mechanics. Most of their games are very similar for a reason. They want you to immerse yourself in the theme and the gameplay, not bothering you to make complex decisions, or pretending this is about more than winning some money. Some people love it, some people hate it, but you can’t argue that it isn’t a popular brand! That alone should convince you that it’s probably a winning strategy.

The things you can bet on here or not at all inventive, but they are wonderfully executed. In addition to the usual number of playing cards, you can match conchshells, crabs, pearls, clams, starfish, and a treasure chest. All of these things look somewhat similar, and we’re not entirely sure what distinguishes some of them. They all look like things we’ve seen in the ocean and at seafood restaurants, however, so we know they are legit. Whenever matching things, all of the lines match from left to right, as well as right to left.

Multipliers Increase

One thing that makes the paint table here a little different than in other games is that, for every consecutive spin that you make that does not win, the multiplier increases by one. This means, in a nutshell, that the more you play without winning, the better your wins are going to get when they finally show up. Because you can play here and know you’re going to win eventually thanks to the fair play clause of the developer, this is a wonderful incentive to keep going.

On top of that, the graphics are to die for. They clearly hired a professional illustrator, who used 3-D renderings of real world crustaceans to make the game. The background itself is also lovely. In an easy going kind of way. Everything looks like it is made out of coral, with the backdrop being the ocean itself. Personally, that stuff sometimes creeps us out. It is kind of like the rest of the ocean. Other people love it, however, and the whole war made sort of luck. You’ll know whether or not you like the graphics immediately, so we won’t touch on that much, other than saying they are very well done, and the animations work well.

Bonus Modes

On top of that, they had it in a couple of bonus rounds to make things more fun and lucrative. One of them is simply getting free spins. The free spins feature is fun, although not at all unique. Aside from that, you can enjoy the treasure chest bonus round. As you might expect, if you show bunch of treasure chests, this feature activates. From here, you will be winning more than you ever thought possible. With a maximum bath of $135, and taking into account the multipliers, you can expect some very healthy winnings!

There are of course additional features of this game, but all of them are fairly standard to most slot machine games of this kind. In addition to the bonus rounds, and free spins, you can enjoy instant play, scatter symbols, nine lines in total to bed on, wild symbols, and auto play feature, and the ability to play on any device, including mobile devices.

If we had to change something about this game, it certainly would not be the graphics, the theme, or the way that it plays. One thing we would have liked to have seen, however, is a progressive jackpot. Most games by Bovada gaming do not offer these. We think this is a mistake, and wish they would add progressive jackpots to their entire catalog. It is indeed featured in some games, and those are our favorites. That’s one reason this game is not one of our favorites from their catalog, however, and a lot of people would probably agree with us.

What We Would Change

Another thing we would like to see from this game is simply more symbols to match. Although we do enjoy the ones that are available, considering how simple they are, we feel they could have used more of them, rather than resorting to suits of playing cards. Although we do like playing cards in real life, we could easily play a card game at an online Casino if we wanted to do that. For this reason, we think that slot machine game should remain separate and sacred. Not everyone agrees with us there, but you know that if they have more nice cute little crustaceans, you would like the game more.

No matter how much you would like to bet, they will also accommodate you. The coin sizes range here from one cent, five cents, $.10, $.20, $.50, one dollar, three dollars, six dollars, $12, and $15. As we said before, this makes the maximum bet $135. Across the nine lines and the five reels, this can add up quite quickly when you take the multipliers into account.

I’ll top of that, you can enjoy the usual things that you will find in the slot machine games. One of them is a guarantee. This guarantee is that, the longer you play, the more likely you are to win. They use a random number generator here that has been independently verified by outside auditing bodies. Although this sounds fancy, what it amounts to is that they have been tested and verified to be fair. They are not simply taking your money here. You are putting your money into it for a chance to win, and that chance the wind has been verified thoroughly. There is no cheating, stealing, or anything of that kind. It is truly random, meaning everyone has an equal chance to win.

Available All Over and on All Devices

No matter where you are, you can probably be accepted by this game too. It is open the world over, and across most major regions. If you were able to read this review, the chances are, you were able to play at the casino. The only exception would be some countries in Asia, but they tend to have their way of getting around these sorts of things.

As a summary, this is a fairly middle of the road game by Bovada gaming that is unlikely to impress anybody that is not a fan of the genre. That does not mean it is not worth playing, however. There aren’t that many games that take undersea life as there a theme in the online slot machine world. They certainly exist, but their meager numbers means that anybody who is a fan can always use one more game to put into their daily routine. If that sounds like something you would enjoy, check it out now!