Cricket Legends Slots

Almost no one outside of England and India has any idea what cricket is when it comes to games. When other people hear the word cricket, they usually think of the noisy animal waiting outside in the bushes at night squeaking its legs together like violins. Here, however, it’s a sport, albeit at a strange one. If you are a cricket fan, you already know that no other games in existence are about cricket, so you’re going to have to play this one. For everyone else, however, we think it’s well done enough that you might actually become interested in the sport!

One of a Genre

For starters, we have to say that this game and another one like it were used off of one another to make somewhat companion style games. The game in question here we are thinking of is zombie FC. This game pretty much uses all of the different poses and art assets as the other game, only the other game has them in zombified form. This makes them wonderful companion games to play one after the other. It’s kind of like looking at what happened to the players after a sudden zombie apocalypse, which fans of the genre will enjoy.

This game, much like the other title we mention, is brought to you by Bovada gaming. They are known for making wonderful titles that have great production values and a nice set of gameplay mechanics. They don’t usually have progressive jackpot, but that’s the only thing people tend not to like about their titles. They’re all high-quality productions from head to toe.

Many Lines

Here, rather than using progressive jackpot, they have expanded the number of lines that you can bet on. Although the reel’s only number at five still, the number of lines you could win on is 243. That’s pretty much as high as we ever see, although sometimes you find a rare game that manages to make infinite lines. Anything over 50 is a lot in our book, however, and it all blends together from there. This makes the stakes relatively high if you’re willing to put down enough money, and get lucky enough when making your spin.

The bonus round here also lovely, I’m going outside the usual realm of what you would find on these titles. The expanding wild feature, for example, gives you more wild ass things go on. The free spins feature does exactly what you would expect, but does it well, as who doesn’t like free spins? After that, they also have the tumbling reels future. This is a true bonus came in a style all of us are familiar with, and we love it.

Nice Match Items

As for the different things you can match, fans of cricket will notice them the most. You have the different suits of playing cards of course, but you also have a nice coach, a cricket ball, various cricket players, a fan, a star, and a cricket trophy. Cricket fans along will find all these lovely as they pretty much never get to see them outside of the sport. For everyone else, however, it is an interesting glimpse into a culture most of us are unfamiliar with. The backgrounds blend in perfectly too, being a nice sports stadium with a good nice green field.

Although there aren’t all the many jackpots in this game, because of a large number of lines you can bet on and win, they do try to make up for that. You will consistently win more here than you would on another title that tends to have a progressive jackpot. Those only pay out periodically and a very low occurrence rate, many players never actually managing to get them. Here, however, you are far more likely to get some of the payouts are the large number of lines. This makes it a little less addictive to play, but it is objectively more profitable. If you are in these for the money, and thank you and rather have slow and steady earnings then wait for a jackpot, this one’s for you.

Our Run of It

In our experience trying out the game, we have to admit, we know absolutely nothing about cricket. We’re one of those people like just so many others around the globe that have heard of the sport, but didn’t realize people actually did anything with it outside of English tea parties. It’s a full-fledged game, however, and seeing it taking seriously is kind of fun and interesting. We managed to win far more than we put into it, although our time with it was admittedly limited because we needed to write this review. Still, take that for what it’s worth. We had a great time with it, it came out pretty well, and enjoyed seeing a fresh new take on a game we are not sure how is played.

If you want something to last you a long time, this game is also pretty good way to fill that time. Like we said, because of how many lines it possesses, it’s pretty easy to get addicted. You can bet and very small amounts here, such as 50 sounds, and simply have fun seeing all the different intricate ways that the Lions can come together. We personally would never about a maximum of $100 here, but if you are a highroller, we can definitely see those people enjoying that aspect of it too. We could for a slow and steady, and letting the wins reel in!


Another minor criticism that we make about this game, as opposed to its counterpart of the zombie variety, is that the suits of playing cards here feature fairly boring shirts. At least in the zombie game, they spent time on stuff like the different shirts and had splatter to keep keep them all interesting. They didn’t do that here, so we will mark off minor points for creativity that they clearly demonstrated elsewhere.

Aside from that, we don’t have too many criticisms about this game. Like we said, there’s no progressive jackpot, but with the large number of lines, it more than makes up for that in our book. It’s also fairly fun to play, with some decent animations, and a authentically underused theme. We hope this developer goes on to make games about other unappreciated sports as well so people in other countries like the US can appreciate it. If you are interested in learning about the sport, then this game is certainly a good starting point.

Runs Well

Playing in across a large number of devices, we can also say that it ran without a single glitch or issue. On our phones, it seem to play the best, and is presumably where they assume most people will be playing from. Considering how all of our friends turn to playing online slot machine games, that sounds like a wise choice. If you want to blow it up on a nice big screen like an iPad, however, you can still do that too and have it all hold up very well. The experience is one that scales wonderfully, with high-resolution graphics that work no matter what screen you’re viewing it on, even if that’s a large HDTV.