Fangtastic Slots

Oh don´t we love vampires themed slots! Ditch those zombies that have been trending lately, nothing is better like some gothic vamp action when we spin that wheel, bite me baby and make me rich!

Fangtastic slots is the newest game in Buzzluck Online Casino in October after huge hits like Halloween Magic and Halloween Fortune for the spook season, and it could just be the best news of the month as this slot game pays out huge money with three different bonus games.

The graphics are your typical cartoonish sexy vampire with smeared blood all over the symbols. Coffins, gothic symbols, and hot sexy vampires makeup the symbols of this 5 reel simple slot game.

Check this out:

A Free Spins bonus round with 66 max free spins. How is that possible when the average free spins go from 9 to 15? Fangtastic has dice as the scatter, get three or more and the dice will spin like in any typical craps game. Whatever the summed total is those will be your free spins. Bubble Bubble Slots are also a new hot slot game with three different bonus round very easy to trigger, but this one promises huge wins.

But there is more!

Get one of those dice symbols in the middle of the reel and it will re-spin a second time before activating the free spins, but this time whatever number it lands on that will be your free spin multiplier. So if you get the max 66 free spins at 6x your initial bet… you may just have found a money making machine!

3 Fangtastic Jackpots

The bonus rounds are easy to trigger but there is more random money to be made if you hit any of the three jackpots. These are small so the chances of hitting them are actually high. The major jackpot pays $1,000, the minor $250 and the mini $50, all come with no wagering conditions and can be won at any moment.

Playing Strategy

A nice strategy to play this online slot would be to bet with a big bankroll, maybe claim a deposit bonus to help you out. Bet hard with all lines and the maximum bet or high enough, but make sure you can divide your bankroll in dozens of rounds so your wallet does not run dry early on.

Your goal is to hit the bonus round once or twice with a big base bet to make the paying odds high. No point in hitting the bonus round with a meager less than a dollar bet. That will hardly recover from any losses and pay big time.

Use the auto spin feature to speed things up until the bonus round comes up. Try this strategy with play chips before you commit any real money and jump in when you have tested how many average rounds it could take to trigger the bonus game. Jackpots are always welcome when it comes to strategy, but do not count on them.