Stones & Bones Slots

The new online slot game Stones & Bones Slots is a suitable casino entertainment option for all those players who love to travel back in time while they are spinning the reels and try to win big profits. This game actually takes them back a very, very long time ago. It is a historic time in where men still lived in caves while they had to share their territory with fierce beasts such as for example the wild and dangerous saber-toothed cat

The game focuses on the caveman couple Brock and Amber who live their lives during the Stone Age. It is a dangerous time for them to live in, but the game's players luckily don't have to worry about giant beasts and other caveman problems, because they can enter this world at the safe virtual environments of online casinos.

Trigger Special Features During Prehistoric Adventures

At these online casinos, players will be able to marvel at the visually beautiful Stone Age world of Caveman Brock and his cavewoman Amber, while they also will have a chance to make lots of profits during their prehistoric adventures. There are no less than 38,860 coins that players can hunt for, and they will earn the majority of those coins if they properly form symbols rows on the 30 available paylines.

Furthermore, the profit making opportunities start to become really interesting when players manage to trigger special bonus features, which for this game are the Stones & Bones wild icon, the free spins round and the cavewoman's win multiplier abilities during those free spins. Furthermore, extra excitement, fun and profit making opportunities are also on the table when players land the dinosaur on the game screen. This dino is able to activate a feature that is called the Age of Eggcitement.

A Reason to Celebrate and Give Away Free Spins

The release of such a fun new online slot machine game should of course be celebrated, and Black Lotus Casino does that with a set of extra free spins that it gives away at its platform. Slot game fans who are looking to place some wagers on a fun new slot title should definitely head over to Black Lotus Casino and try Stones & Bones Slots today. Brock and Amber will be waiting in the game to welcome all of those gamblers to their wildly profitable world.