Birds! Slots

The opening sequence is a rural village, then a wacky bird with huge liquid blue eyes and head phones shows its face, while the game is downloading in flash mode. This is just the beginning of one of the craziest slots game ever.

Once downloaded you are given a choice of games: a wild bird that substitutes and replaces other wild birds or the second options, the fly free and get unlimited free spins.

The background to this game is a big colourful city with three power or power lines, your choice how to see it, these lines are the reels of game play, the actual symbols on these reels are very colourful animated birds, 15 of them will fly from the left of the screen to land on the lines. once settled, if there are three of the same then there is a win, the wining birds will then fly away to the right, depending on the position of the top birds, they might fly down to fill the bottom spaces, then from the left again comes three more birds to complete the fifteen matrix. If after they settle down there is another win combination maybe of 2 of one kind bird and the big red bird as a substitute the whole process is repeated and more wins could occur.

All the symbols are birds, many colorful ones that animate beautifully.

Other features

There is a gamble feature where players can win or die so to speak , they either double all the winnings or half the winnings, with a spin of the coin, heads or tails, your choice, if you win you double your winnings, if you lost, tough luck its gone forever. But never mind a spin of the wash line reels will soon have your bankroll up again.

The Free Flights feature

On the left bottom of the game is a meter that clocks up if you get 4 flights then 8 free games are played, if you get 5 flights then 12 free games and if you get 6 flights then 20 free games are rewarded, if you get 7 flights then 14 free games are rewarded plus a number of triggering flights. The feature may be re-triggered at any time.

The game is fun, very colorful, and increases the bank roll steadily.